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Veteran's Day! - CharliePrime - 11-11-2012

In the United States we have this thing called Veteran's Day.

It's a miserable official State holiday where everyone worships soldiers.

I ate at Bullritos restaurant last night. They had different sports events on the televisions on the walls.

One event featured basketball players wearing camouflage uniforms. The other television was playing a NASCAR auto racing event where every commercial break featured a propaganda vignette about some kid who was too stupid to avoid joining the military to go fight for Banksters.

All the restaurants offer price discounts to "veterans". American flags spring up all over the place, little ones lining the roadways and plastered all over graveyards.

People send out weepy "thank you for your service" emails to everyone.

It's sickening and pathetic. Sometimes I wonder if these people don't deserve to be financially harvested like livestock.

RE: Veteran's Day! - icosaface - 11-11-2012

We call it "remembrance day" in Canada, people wear red poppies because of the poem (In Flanders fields the poppies grow, Between the crosses row on row....), they also serve free beer in the Legion halls. I agree it is a pathetic derailment of what should be a stand on guard to ensure that no group of useful idiots ever again obtains enough power to throw our offensive forces into the breach!

RE: Veteran's Day! - Anarchist - 11-12-2012

Oh, that was recently? I remember earlier this year being harassed by a woman in full uniform, trying to coax that "Thank you for your *sob* SERVICE!!!!!!!" out of me.

"You know, Memorial day is coming up..."
"I do, yes."
"...Any plans?"
"Not really, I suppose I will stay at home. How about you?"
"I am going to be in a parade. Remember why you have the freedom to stay at home."
"Oh, I bet the parade will be fun..."
"It should be. Remembering why we are free and all that."
"Well, have fun with your parade."

At this point I get a nasty glare, and then out of the blue... A man shows up and says:

She immediately wore a smug, self-righteous smile as if somehow being adorned with a garb of supremacy. I try to stay home in my makeshift bunker on these holidays. They are sickening. The vets I know hate them too, and find them insulting.

RE: Veteran's Day! - CharliePrime - 11-12-2012

(11-12-2012, 08:18 AM)Anarchist Wrote: She immediately wore a smug, self-righteous smile...

I have some small compassion for the old veterans who got drafted before there was an internet.

During the Korean and Vietnam wars there was virtually no way for a kid on a farm in Podunk, USA to read around the State propaganda. They only knew what the newspapers, their high school, and the local library told them. That is no longer the case.

The Draft ended about 1975. Anyone who joined the military after then did so voluntarily. Anyone who joined after about 1995 knows what they are doing.

The type of person you speak of are the ones who truly sicken me. They are somewhat puzzled and surprised when you don't acknowledge them with extra courtesy or praise.

RE: Veteran's Day! - sekular - 11-15-2012

In the uk there is an annual obsession with buying and wearing a plastic poppy. Everyone wears them proudly and if you speak to most people they will say that they supported the efforts of people during the second world war in defeating nazism. But the media and also some people say it is also about supporting the current troops and military in general.

I don't buy a plastic poppy as i do not support war. There are not that many survivors of the world wars and as I did not live through them, i have to survive off second hand information. I don't realy want to support the modern day war industry. All the language regarding this bit of propaganda is for example, honourable, the military serve and so on.

RE: Veteran's Day! - CharliePrime - 11-16-2012

(11-15-2012, 09:58 PM)sekular Wrote: There are not that many survivors of the world wars and as I did not live through them, i have to survive off second hand information.

We actually have more and better information about the big 20th century wars than people did back then. We now know those wars were merely power-plays by various factions of Banksters fighting to control natural resources and human tax livestock. See Anthony Sutton and Carol Quigley.

Last month I attended the funeral of my uncle who fought in WWII and sat in the Veteran's Hospital in Houston with my brother-in-law who fought in Vietnam. They cannot understand the grift. They are too old. I don't discuss it with them. I let them die in peace.