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Romney Exposed - John Hankey - capnchronic - 10-16-2012

I didn't watch this yet, but I saw it posted up on, it's from the same guy who made JFK 2: The Bush Connection etc.

RE: Romney Exposed - John Hankey - h3rm35 - 10-16-2012

good stuff, for the most part, but a lot of the deeper history comes from Russ Baker, John Perkins, and others. That's not a negative criticism of the work - I've been heavily influenced by them as well, I just want to point out that those who are familiar will find a lot of this stuff as repetition.

I agree completely with his final statement. Voting for Romney (whether votes even matter at all at this point, with electronic vote hacks, etc.,) is just a bad idea. The shadow gvt will rule no matter what, but to remove any block to the powers that have orchestrated activity after Smedly Butler's take-down of the planned coup (I still wonder if that was a ploy as well, but It's the farthest I can go back and see the Bushes at work,) was relegated to obscure historical texts, will result in Dubya-style catastrophe to the US and the rest of the world.

I don't think we've got long before we're going to see the shadow demand it's "rightful" place, but when there's some form of debate, rather than green-lit catastrophe, we've at least got time to prepare more.

Don't get me wrong, Obama ("if that is your real name") is disasterous, I just think we've got more time if he ends up being the puppet for a while longer.

I don't think it's a mater of years, it's a matter of months, or days if there isn't a stale-mate between "representatives" who believe that there are actually competing interests.

RE: Romney Exposed - John Hankey - SiLVa - 10-16-2012

I dont see it being different in any way whatsoever- they both suck. The end results will be the same, which I think we agree on. Obama's just slicker with his shit, like Clinton was. If Bush or Romney was in office doing any of the shit Obama has done, ie. Libya, Syria, NDAA, and all the threatening and intimidation of journalists that he's done - The usually left leaning media wouldve made a much bigger deal out of it. But since its Obama and the media loves the guy for the most part, none of that shit is a prominant issue.