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Night of the Living Pelosi - datars - 10-04-2012

Night of the Living Pelosi

Battle Zombies and Nancy Pelosi with John at

Some fights need to be fought no matter what the odds. Democracy demands debate.
No politician should be above it, not even Nancy Pelosi. The people of San Francisco
deserve a public debate. If you want to see Nancy Pelosi come back to San Francisco and
have an open, public Lincoln-Douglas style debate on the nation and the issues, please go to

RE: Night of the Living Pelosi - Anarchist - 10-05-2012

Quote:We must gut the sacrifice, so we can find out what's in it!

I love it. Every time I need a good laugh, I watch that clip of her and the healthcare bill. Well, when I say watch, I mean listen... After all, who likes seeing facial stretching and botox combined?