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An Inconvenient Tooth - Fluoride Documentary - capnchronic - 09-27-2012

Someone should try and get a torrent of this up.

RE: An Inconvenient Tooth - Fluoride Documentary - h3rm35 - 09-27-2012

nice! thanks!

RE: An Inconvenient Tooth - Fluoride Documentary - April - 09-29-2012

Docu was flippin GREAT ! Thanks again for posting it capn! [Image: happy0062.gif]

RE: An Inconvenient Tooth - Fluoride Documentary - FastTadpole - 09-29-2012

I have more issue with the chlorine and estrogen in the water and there is far more fluoride in tea. I wouldn't stop drinking my local water, because water still is mostly good for you ... but that's not the point as there is substances put in to our public water by industry, by agriculture and via our own urine (estrogen). Fluoride is toxic so are a lot of other chemicals and compounds in our water. This is an issue of not having a choice of what goes into and constitutes a basic need that we cannot cost effectively legally (try getting a well permit in suburbia) provide ourselves with.

Maybe a community purchase of a natural spring and shipping it into town, or a well, or a reverse osmosis machine, or a desalinization system, would be an alternative idea.

Another issue that is well brought up is that fluoride is bio-cumulative, meaning part of what is ingested stays in the body. Also there is all sorts of compartmentalization of scientific/medicals faculties leaving a lot of dots to be connected, for example there is no "reputable" solid data on the effects of fluoride other than the mouth.

The game is rigged so that you don't even have to drink the kool-aid, since they can just put it in the water. This documentary touches goes beyond fluoride and challenges the entire scientific 'expert' class that runs contemporary technocratic society.

But you can easily say no to fluoride treatments in the dentist chair if you happen to end up there, and you can brush your teeth with alternative non-fluoride toothpastes or just soap and water, that's what I use.

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I also recall a good video documentary (probably from ConCen) about tooth health as a beacon for total health by a doctor or dentist that went all over the world studying teeth of indigenous peoples such as the Inuit, some African tribes and isolated communities and he concluded that modern food impacted both their teeth and their health, but I do not recall the name of it. Please post it if you know the title, my downloaded torrent list might help¿