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Reintroducing Myself - pizzaman777 - 09-26-2012

Hello Again Everyone,

After a 4-year hiatus I think I am back on the scene. Real life whisked me away and gave me a wonderful wife and 2 beautiful daughters. I guess I became complacent with the world around me and only cared about what was happening in my direct line of site. For those that remember NASWS, things didn't pan out the way I wanted and I became frustrated with the situation, and there is no other way to put it, other than I gave up. Up until recently, I've been out of the Alternative News scene, but recent events around the world have brought me back.

Anyways, I hope to be a regular contributor again. I'm sure a lot has changed in my abscence and I hope to be a significant part of this forum again. Looking forward to finding posts from the old crew here and also learning from the newer people.

Knowing is half the battle, and actually using that knowledge is the other half. Eatdrink007

RE: Reintroducing Myself - h3rm35 - 09-26-2012

welcome back.

RE: Reintroducing Myself - Easy Skanking - 09-26-2012

Congrats on your new family and welcome back!

RE: Reintroducing Myself - SiLVa - 09-27-2012

yeah, man welcome back!

RE: Reintroducing Myself - wodedipan - 09-27-2012

welcome back!

RE: Reintroducing Myself - April - 09-27-2012

Wave we still got the fire goin pizzaman. Grin Great to see you around again.

RE: Reintroducing Myself - FastTadpole - 09-27-2012

I've read a lot of your posts. Wondering if I could ever get around to meeting the man behind them .. and here he is. You're a legend in my mind for NASWS alone.. and now you have the family.. super congrats on that front!


Welcome Back!

.. from a fellow Albertan

RE: Reintroducing Myself - pizzaman777 - 09-28-2012

Good times bro Eatdrink007

I see some names have changed and some people got promotions around here. It's good to see things in good hands here.