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References for catholic corruption? (historical) - alteclansing - 08-19-2012

I'm trying to find references (1st choice video, 2nd choice audio, last choice text.. i can share the first and listen to the 2nd in the car, text is harder to get through) concerning the ugly history of the catholic church. Things accurate and fully referenced, not made up stuff, not "wierd conspiracy theories" but proven verified known admitted types of things like the orgies of the popes and all the rest... can anyone recommend things on this subject? (whether shared here, or on youtube, or elsewhere)

RE: References for catholic corruption? (historical) - AModicumOfMalachi - 09-27-2012

I'm curious: why the fascination with the "Catholic Church?" Sinful men are found everywhere in the world, including within that particular institution. Occultists are obsessed with it's destruction (which I believe they are well on their way to accomplishing) but requests for info on "orgies in the Vatican" strike me as prurient, and not the least bit scholarly...