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wow... found a treasure-trove web site: - h3rm35 - 06-16-2012

i could spend days at this place!

In the vein of Wikileaks and cryptome (but better and easier to use,) public intelligence has synopses and both http and downloadable sensitive/leaked documents like:

- ¨U.S. Army Psychological Operations Process Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Manual¨ (PSYOPS)
- ¨U.S. Army Internment and Resettlement Operations Manual¨
- ¨Federal Reserve Bank of New York Sentiment Analysis and Social Media Monitoring Proposal¨
- ¨Federal Reserve Bank of New York Shadow Banking System Research Report¨
- ¨U.S. Military Civil Disturbance Standing Rules for the Use of Force (SRUF)¨
- ¨American Friends of Bilderberg 2010 Tax Return¨
- ¨Bilderberg Meetings Participant Lists 1954-2012¨
- ¨NSA Global Information Grid Information Assurance Roadmap¨
- ¨Transcript of 1968 Council on Foreign Relations Secret Meeting on the Theory of CIA Covert Action¨

just to scratch the surface. At some point when I´m not on a crappy wireless connection and have some spare time, I´ll download a bunch of this stuff and throw it on the tracker, until then, have at it if you want to bump up your ratio!