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Monsanto ‘Knowingly Poisoned Workers’ Causing Devastating Birth Defects - April - 04-11-2012

Quote:In a developing news piece just unleashed by a courthouse news wire, Monsanto is being brought to court by dozens of Argentinean tobacco farmers who say that the biotech giant knowingly poisoned them with herbicides and pesticides and subsequently caused ”devastating birth defects” in their children. The farmers are now suing not only Monsanto on behalf of their children, but many big tobacco giants as well. The birth defects that the farmers say occurred as a result are many, and include cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, psychomotor retardation, missing fingers, and blindness.

The farmers come from small family-owned farms in Misiones Province and sell their tobacco to many United States distributors. The family farmers say that major tobacco companies like the Philip Morris company asked them to use Monsanto’s herbicides and pesticides, assuring them that the products were safe. Through asserting that the toxic chemicals were safe, the farmers state in their claim that the tobacco companies ”wrongfully caused the parental and infant plaintiffs to be exposed to those chemicals and substances which they both knew, or should have known, would cause the infant offspring of the parental plaintiffs to be born with devastating birth defects.”

The majority of the farmers in the area used Monsanto’s Roundup, an herbicide with the active ingredient glyphosate that has shown to be killing human kidney cells. What’s more, the farmers say that the tobacco companies pushed Monsanto’s Roundup on the farmers despite a lack of protective equipment. In other words, these farmers — many in dire economic conditions — were being directly exposed to Roundup in large concentrations without any protective gear (or even experience or skills in handling the substance). Still, the farmers say the tobacco giants required the struggling farmers to ‘purchase excessive quantities of Roundup and other pesticides’.

Most shocking, the farmers were ordered to discard leftover herbicides and pesticides in locations in which they leached directly into the water supply. With Monsanto’s Roundup already known to be contaminating the groundwater, this comes as a serious threat to pure water supplies.

The farmers end their landmark case with an explanation as to why the tobacco companies allowed Monsanto’s herbicides and pesticides to be unloaded on the small family farms in such vast quantities and purchased in excessive amounts. In their claim, the farmers state that the tobacco companies were ”motivated by a desire for unwarranted economic gain and profit,” with zero regard for the farmers and their infant children — many of which are now suffering from severe birth defects from Monsanto’s products.

RE: Monsanto ‘Knowingly Poisoned Workers’ Causing Devastating Birth Defects - yeti - 04-11-2012

The fact that this corporation is allowed to even exist is more proof we live in insane times.

RE: Monsanto ‘Knowingly Poisoned Workers’ Causing Devastating Birth Defects - icosaface - 04-11-2012

Insane is the right word. The entire upper executive of those companies as well as their boards of directors should be tried for crimes against humanity.

RE: Monsanto ‘Knowingly Poisoned Workers’ Causing Devastating Birth Defects - nwo2012 - 04-12-2012

This toxic shit that is Round Up is used liberally by many amateur gardeners here in Australia (and Im sure all round the world).
Its crazy! I pass the pesticide/herbicide shelf in the local Bunnings store (large DIY supply store chain here in Oz) and see the shelves stacked with Round Up and ordinary people just buying it and are totally ignorant to the ill health it could cause them, their children (born or unborn) or their pets. I even hear people at work talking about it. One said how much work it was to pull all the weeds out of their garden and the other replied "Just use Round Up, its great stuff for killing weeds and makes gardening so much easier. The only downside is if you use too much, the grass turns brown". I interjected and told them the 'real' downsides. They didnt believe a word I said. "If it was that bad then the government wouldnt allow it to be sold in Bunnings".
Ignorant Sheeple!

RE: Monsanto ‘Knowingly Poisoned Workers’ Causing Devastating Birth Defects - yeti - 04-12-2012

(04-12-2012, 12:41 PM)nwo2012 Wrote: Ignorant Sheeple!

You can lead a sheep to slaughter but you can't make him think.