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The New Kingdom - Solve et Coagula - 02-25-2012

The New Kingdom

An article from: Rare Insights

"Behold the great key-keeper of the age has turned the key;
the mighty gates fly wide and all who will may greet the
King. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see the King.
Take heed! Be strong in mind; be pure in heart; be vigilant in
helpfulness; the kingdom is at hand."

Jesus, the Piscean Avatar.

Just behind the face of this world and its humanity awaits a new reality, a reality of untainted beauty and light. It has been given many names but is known equally by all who can feel and recognise its purity. It is the Promised Land descending from the heavenly realms, the long-promised return to Earth of the Kingdom of Souls.

This new sphere of life is presently still subtle in the world but will, over time, become more and more tangibly apparent to all who have prepared themselves to receive its light by co-vibrating with its purpose. It will become more and more visible to those who, through their selfless consecration and divine yearning, have cultivated the inner vision with which to perceive it.

The new reality is not of this world and so is completely unaffected and untouched by the sufferings, the pains and the struggles of earthly life. It contains no duality in which to swing back and forth in endless polarity. It is free from the extremes of light and dark, right and wrong, good and bad, and all the other pairs of opposites that perpetually toss mankind's consciousness from left to right, and which have for ages bound the mass of humanity to the pendulum of restlessness and suffering.

This approaching sphere of light possesses ethers that are clean and bright, new and vital. It is catalyzing on Earth a higher level of consciousness that vibrates closer to the Universal Harmony. Like a divine Sun its sacred nature is inherent within each and every outgoing energy-stream that radiates forth from its heart, blessing, purifying, unifying and vitalizing all beings, liberating mankind from the trammels and struggles of mundane existence in merciful benediction. As this divine Light returns to Earth, extending its grace to all as was long ago promised, it gently invites humanity to enter into its healing, protective sphere, embracing souls in its warmth and love before again leaving this world with them for Freedom's shores. This reality is today shimmering forth just beyond the clouds of Earthly perceptions and preoccupations, preparing to lift those who are able to receive it upwards into ever greater experience and realisation of the Truth, which it so perfectly embodies.

As time passes and man and his planet approach the end of an age, this approaching Light is progressively penetrating the densities of our world, irresistibly permeating even the grossest, darkest corners of the Earth. Moving from the inner planes outwards, the new Kingdom of Light dispels the shadows of this world. The radiance of the leading periphery of this divine sphere is presently only to be experienced within the upper regions of human awareness: some of the higher levels of being that inform and sustain this world and its humanity. Those whose focus is primarily upon the material plane and their own needs and problems do not possess the inner faculty required to perceive the growing presence of the new reality in its earlier stages of manifestation. It therefore remains invisible to the unaware, yet it is affecting all life on Earth.

For millennia visionaries and spiritually aware people have anticipated the arrival of this new and higher order of life, but it is only today in these times that it is slowly but surely making its presence felt. We are emerging from a great planetary cycle and entering a new era, and the complete renewal of this world and human race is imminent. A new world is being born on both inner and outer levels of the Earth, the planetary phoenix is rising from the ashes of the old world. The advent of the new world is now close enough for sensitive hearts to feel something of its reality and proximity, to hear its pure tones, to sense its sweet cadences. It is a whispering promise of Home, and from beyond the general human perception, behind the appearances and illusions of this world, it calls to all mankind.

Presently small glimpses of the approaching new reality may be had, as if through clear, bright windows or portals that occasionally appear. Those who are sensitive and intuitive are beginning to perceive with greater clarity and awe through the thinnest parts of the veil that surrounds the Earth plane, directly into the sphere of eternal Life itself. They are able to feel its holy breath, hear its call, respond to it and so prepare themselves for the greater Revelation and Grace to come. Such glimpses are generally brief and fleeting; most last only a few seconds or minutes of sudden epiphany; some may continue for hours, and in certain very special cases even days or weeks. Yet one single moment of that Grace from above is able to bestow such a profound blessing that all the concerns and tensions of this life are instantaneously dissolved, and so a glimpse is all that is required for the elated recipient to know and taste something of the coming glory and divine accomplishment. At such times one's faith and consecration may be strengthened a hundred-fold as one's life is positively transformed.

As the end of the cycle approaches, these glimpses will become more regular, tangible and real for a growing number of people, interspersed with stages of purification and integration. Gradually their duration will be extended, until finally the new world will become more real and true than the old, familiar world, which will be seen to be passing away. Perceptions will therefore be reversed, and it will be the old world that shall then be seen only in glimpses, as those who are able will cross over to the other side of the veil and emerge into the new and brighter reality. Ultimately, and should the natural process of cleansing and regeneration be allowed to complete its course, the renewed human race will find itself breathing and functioning from within the sphere of divine Light itself. It is at this time that those who have been blessed amongst mankind will come to fully know what it means to be in the world but not of the world, and will proceed to offer a hand up to all struggling life on Earth.

The effects that the dawning new reality will have on the manifest aspects of life on Earth will be dramatic, profoundly affecting all the kingdoms of this world, from the mineral right up to the human levels of consciousness. As the new and higher vibrational sphere penetrates the subtle planes of the planet it will purge the Earth of all unintegrated energies, thought forms and emotions. This process is already underway and is being experienced by many people as a kind of inner Armageddon, a growing tension between the incoming light of the new Kingdom of Souls and the outer material world.

This is also the time that planet Earth herself has long awaited: her birth into a higher expression of life, facilitated by the cosmic energies and forces released by way of the precise mathematical motion of the cosmic clockwork, the rotational procession of the sun, the planetary spheres and the zodiac. The Earth is soon to release all of the cumulative pressure that mankind has placed upon her over millennia of abuse and misuse of her resources for selfish ends. Soon all of her kingdoms will be restored to their former virginal state, the Edenic state of pristine wholeness and vibrant, health-promoting life. Once balance is restored to the Earth and so is brought back into harmony with cosmic law, it will again provide a stable and supportive matrix from which the new humanity can reach upwards towards greater light, access the higher spheres of life and so more readily attain the Goal of life. On the old Earth the door leading to the Divine has for ages been very obscured and closed to all but the most advanced souls due to mankind's widespread pollution of body, mind and soul, and the highly contagious atmosphere of selfishness, greed and fear that this has engendered worldwide. The new Earth, free of all grossness and impurity, will once more, like before, come into alignment with the divine Plan, functioning again as a graceful sphere for divine realisation; a world in which all inhabiting beings may pursue with greater ease the sole purpose of life via the process of holy Transfiguration