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RE: Ron Paul 2012 Election Info - Deathaniel - 03-18-2012

Total straw grasp, though that hand gesture may be linked in antiquity with the masons and such it has been over come like the 60's peace sign as a general victory or hey'ya hand gesture... If he was so deep with them he would be more discreet about there activities....

we get he's not liked by the media... thats almost enough to like him not to mention his stance Vs the other guys.

RE: Ron Paul 2012 Election Info - capnchronic - 03-19-2012

(03-15-2012, 05:33 AM)Scorpio Wrote: Ron Paul isn't going to win shit. Deal with it.

My big question: What is Ron going to do with all of the leftover loot from his campaign donations?
Obomber 2.0 is coming, like it or not. Romney is a sure loser, guaranteed.

If this is accurate, there wont be much if anything left over.

(03-17-2012, 08:20 PM)Anarchist Wrote: [Image: Ron-Paul-Hand-Sign-4.jpg.jpg]

What an impressive set of Baphomet horns he has. Sorta like these guys...

[Image: bush_satan_5.jpg]
[Image: l.jpg]

Controlled opposition.

While pics like that paired with creepy music might be a nice effect for an Alex Jones documentary, they really prove nothing. The "El Diablo" as it used to always be referred to has been completely mainstreamed regardless of it's use by occultists.

RE: Ron Paul 2012 Election Info - Anarchist - 03-19-2012

Symbols like the Horns of Baphomet/Satan have been hijacked, I agree, however one must be skeptical whenever anyone of authority uses such symbols. While I will openly admit that evidence is a bit scarce to come by, one must take time to consider how many people have mysteriously died, before being able to do anything to the system. Either they found out something they should not, they were about to expose something, or they tried to change the system, but in the end, they died. Very few people, if any, ever reach Alex Jones or Ron Paul status, without being compromised in some form. There is more, however, as he has been known not only to show the Horns of Baphomet, but also to preform the Masonic Handshake often as well.

The first couple of seconds are the most important. Pay attention to the handshake, as Masons touch the thumb to the knuckle, and Paul does it on multiple occasions in a segment of mere seconds.

Here are some pictures:

[Image: masonic_handshakes.jpg%3Fw%3D400%26h%3D282]
[Image: image_hand_sign_ron_paul_01.jpg]

Even if Paul is genuine, what good would electing him do? After all, they had no quarrel giving it to a few presidents before. JFK is very common and well known, but Garfield is another, lesser known president. Officially, he was allowing people to apply for jobs, and one disgruntled person, after being turned down, decided to kill the man. Unofficially, Garfield was looking a bit too much into the Fed, and was considering ordering an audit. When Jackson attacked the bank, they tried to have him killed, twice. Lincoln, although tyrannical and unconstitutional, was about to change things up in a way they did not like. Is it too far-fetched to consider him to be there, to get us "conspiracy theorists" to vote for him, thereby keeping us from full on revolt?

A side note; For some reason, the "assassins" always have all three parts of their names... Am I the only one who notices that?

I shall end this post off with a quote from a kind, freedom loving man:
“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”
― Vladimir Lenin

RE: Ron Paul 2012 Election Info - capnchronic - 03-19-2012

I can't speak for every Ron Paul supporter, but I know many (probably the majority) are well aware that he will never become president, however supporting him is about bringing issues forward, I remember a few years back seeing an anti-David Icke website that claimed criticisms of the FED were conspiracy theories, now it's becoming mainstream knowledge, for the most part due to Ron Paul. Keep in mind that the FED wasn't exposed by mainstream conservatives or anything along those lines, the first person to bring the issue to light was Eustace Mullins. It's far from a victory, but bringing issues like the FED to the mainstream is definitely an accomplishment.

As far as the Ron Paul being a Freemason, the evidence is a joke. As far as I know he wasn't pictured giving it "often" but only that one case, and if I remember it was with Ben Affleck, whom I highly doubt is a Freemason. He's just shaking hands with someone from an awkward angle, I've also heard his hands are arthritic which has to do with it, I could be wrong on the last part. But logically, even if he was a Freemason trying to get the "conspiracy theorists" to back him, why would he risk giving a that handshake for the world to see? Why not just give it secretly to him in the green room? With all that said, he has even denied being a Freemason, which would make no sense considering he'd have to be such a proud Mason to show off that handshake on national TV. However, the fact that he'd deny being a Freemason kind of shows where he stands in my opinion, I don't think the average controlled candidate would even be willing to do that, but who knows.

[Image: ron-paul-mason.jpg]

RE: Ron Paul 2012 Election Info - SiLVa - 03-19-2012

These kind of attacks are bordering on paranoia...yeah i said it.
That lame picture of him giving the horned symbol is not really a pic of that. I saw the video that it was taken from he didnt even flash the symbol as deliberate as others have, somehow that pic was just caught at just the right moment to look like the horned symbol but if you really look at it, you can see his fingers arent even in the exact position. It was just the timing of the pic that makes it look like that. Besides, isnt it also possible he was giving the sign language for I love you? That's been done before and is very much a different hand symbol with the thumb fully out instead of in like in the satanic use.
And if he was a Freemason, he would admit it proudly, as most often do.
For instance:

as opposed to:
[Image: satan.jpg]
[Image: amysalu3.jpg]

RE: Ron Paul 2012 Election Info - April - 03-21-2012

From last night... (march 20th 2012)

RE: Ron Paul 2012 Election Info - Sovereignman - 03-26-2012

These people that are doing this need to be beaten to within inches of their life and left for dead. I'm 100% serious. These fuckstains will never learn to not fuck with people's lives until they see theirs flash before their eyes. Really, someone should follow this guy home and when he gets out of the car teach him a lesson. I'm talking about the guy in the video, Hayes.

RE: Ron Paul 2012 Election Info - FastTadpole - 03-28-2012

Some Clean, Dirty and well .. ConCen Discussion that Attack and Defend all that is Paul:

Disturbing Info On Ron Paul

Why I think Ron Paul is NWO

Ron Paul finally and utterly EXPOSED!

Why Ron Paul is Bad for America (members login)

The Truth About The “Audit The Fed” Bill

I'd rather build something up than tear something down but this guy seems to want to tear it all down. He reminds me of a popular Premier from Alberta who was lauded for his slash and burn tactics and privatization (flea market sale) of public owned capital assets en masse that did get the province out of debt (when combined with oil royalty revenues), but at what price, Ralph Klein. Not the same but very similar in their platforms particularly Ron Paul's Plan to Restore America, which is his only written platform.

Some good points (.. and just hate-filled off base ones too, on both sides) in them thar threads. Worth a skimover at least.

One more point, why a strong dollar (essentially deflation) is bad for the American public:

Answering the Gold Scam and the Great Hyperinflation Hoax

All that said I think there is an unwitting streak inside this polished politician and what he is advocating would have been great for the US of A 10-20 years ago but not now.

I'm a bit worried that the giant support + the inevitable backlash Obama will bring once 2016 rolls around to set up a Ron Paul, or someone who talks his walk, will pull a Ralph Klein and sell the US of A, clearance style.

.. or maybe the people will just do that same job by getting so pissed off that they blood rage and implode the continent for the new regieme (whatever it is) to roll in unimpeded for the out of country interests of the so called 'elite'.

RE: Ron Paul 2012 Election Info - fred15 - 03-28-2012

RE: Ron Paul 2012 Election Info - Sovereignman - 03-28-2012

If he is nwo then why is the nwo owned mainstream media trying with all their might to avoid him or smear him?

Anyone can answer that question but it will take more than two words of, "controlled opposition", to convince me.

There no mainstream media or "celebrities" who openly endorse Paul. I shouldn't say there are none but they are few. Joe rogan, judge napolitano (who's show was eventually pulled because of his actual truthful education which someone obviously didn't like) and.... That's about it. Jesse Ventura. Who else?

RE: Ron Paul 2012 Election Info - FastTadpole - 03-29-2012

Quote:If he is nwo then why is the nwo owned mainstream media trying with all their might to avoid him or smear him?

He gets plenty of media support. Interesting reverse psychology play to garner even more by bashing him on MSNBC and then propping him up on Jon Stewart. What is mainstream media anyways? The internet is bigger than TV now. More people watch the fake news on COmedy Central, YouTube and Saturday Night Live than real news, particularly the next influx into the electorate class. But being 'NWO' or not is an obtuse point.

Anti-Bush sentiment was a given in 2004 but he still got elected but the Democrats were building public support for the next one in 2008 more than for 2004, otherwise they would have run a black man or a woman before then. As I mentioned Republicans are set to win in 2016 under Paul or some Paul-like policy (it'd be interesting if they ran a Latino) after Obama sets it all up for it to be knocked down.

Let's give Ron Paul the benefit of the doubt and assume he's not 'NWO' and chalk up any masonic connections to the fact he's a popular guy. Who says all masons are bad by association anyways?

Side note: He sure has got a lot of people that would never even consider it to buy Republican party memberships.

I don't care so much if he is nice to dogs or even if he is or is not of superior intellect.

A public authority should be ranked on his policy and integrity. Full points for sticking to his guns on many issues but he has made compromises. His policy consists of only one plank - a four year budget.

Some points to make on Ton Paul policy alone in the context of the current geopolitical/economic climate

* He is a constitutionalist, advocating strong state autonomy and smaller government
* He has always said he is a Republican first and has a deal to back incumbents and has kept his word on that. Why not run as an independent?
* He (or his campaign flopped on his campaign to the mainstream in 2008, despite having the funding to do so with all of the money bombs.
* If he sticks to his guns and becomes president he won't have the extraordinary powers that his predecessors had before him the Executive Order. Without that his is just a another vote. If he goes against that and signs EOs than he's going against his constitutional values. His only real power is in leadership if he becomes President.
* The FED is audited and likely will END when the IMF comes to town. Expediating that IMF global banker agenda to regulate world currency if there is a void left after that. What is planning to do to replace the FED?
* A strong US dollar is bad for America if you take into account He want to pay off the debt and not simply default on it like Iceland had the balls to do - partially. He advocates paying off the debt; to fall in line, give the banks their money and regain that AAA bond rating, which is only useful if you want to borrow more money from banksters.
* What does he plan on doing to make the dollar strong? Gold standard is great for those that have gold, who has the gold? What if Fort Knox really is empty and the US. What if there is all sorts of gold waiting on the sidelines (or in the ground, or is cost effectively transmutable).
* Cutting the budget and selling off public assets and contracts to the private sector needs to be done surgically by the doctor. We paid for those assets and should leverage them or at least get top dollar for them.
* Money is NOT created from debt. It is backed by our land, resources and future labour. Inflation is not a given, nor is it necessarily bad if you are in as much debt as the US is in; national, on a state,
* A plan to allocate federal power to states is great but states have become dependent on federal printed money. What happens then is a fractured US that drops off (or rises) one state at a time.
* Less regulation and taxes favour the individual and the corporation. Who benefits more (see China)?
* He is a constitutionalist. Does he plan on repealing all laws that go against the constitution? Is he planning a withdrawal from NATO, INTERPOL, The IMF, The UN...? Will he (unconstitutionally) veto new laws that go against the constitution?
* Any plans to audit the election system or hold congress and the senate more responsible, or better yet impeachable, during their four year blank cheque dictatorships?
* Pulling all the troops out of other countries create a power vacuum for a new dominatrix nation or governance to fill. Pax Americana is gone but what replaces it?
* He does not lie and has a consistent voting record (although he has been oft dealt an impossible hand where there are packaged bills that go for and against what he backs) but what has he promised and is it a good thing for the United States of America? Being honest is a rare trait in politics that should be expected and vigilantly called out by the electorate (if they only had the power of recall this might even mean something), not commended and given the hammer given that trait alone.

RE: Ron Paul 2012 Election Info - Sovereignman - 03-30-2012

Mainstream media = alphabet media cartel = abc, NBC, msnbc (msnbs), fox, etc. All the large networks that have fed the American public lies for decades.

Another media black-out from a Paul rally.

When has anyone ever seen over 5000 people at a romney, santorum or gingrich event?

Why would it be interesting if "they" ran a Latino? Why is everyone so consumed by race? It should be about integrity and policies, about voting record and consistency. All thing that Obama does not have, nor does Romney. No consistency with mitt the flip what so ever.

I'll tell you what will happen if "they" run a Latino. The same thing that happened with Obama. Millions of weak naive sheep will fall to their knees and thank their god for answering their prayers. Then they won't have to pay for gas and tortillas anymore because their new Latino president will provide for them (by stealing from someone else of course). We've been down that road, in fact we are still on it, maybe for another four years.

Yes let's give Dr. Ron Paul the benefit of the doubt considering he is the only one making people aware of the real problems we face and offering real solutions to them. He is very intelligent and has more integrity in his pinky finger than Obama has in all his family tree (see illegal aunt and his drunk illegal uncle). Ron Paul is nice to everyone, even those who are rude to him, he still extends them some respect.

I haven't bought, physically speaking, any republican membership, I simply changed my party affiliation, temporarily, for free, on a state .gov website so I could vote for Paul. After the election, I will change it back to independent, for free on same said website.

Remainder of your post I will have to look over later.

Good day, sir.

RE: Ron Paul 2012 Election Info - Sovereignman - 04-05-2012

Lolz, check out deanberryministries post number 14. Haha, now look under his username. "banned".

Bunch of pussy admins and mods over there.

RE: Ron Paul 2012 Election Info - Zammo - 04-05-2012

Does the trolling ever end? People seem to be to putting into a lot of effort knocking Ron Paul, raising every problem they can think of but as usual, offer no solutions.

Who would you vote for? Who is the person that could restore the constitution, restore the Glass Steagall Act, abolish the Patriot Act to return your freedom and knows how to implement economic growth in America? Who would you vote for that can't be bought by the globalist corporations?

Ron Paul may not be perfect, who is? But he is making people aware of the real problems that threaten America, putting forward bills in the senate to repeal the NDAA and defending the constitution despite the constant barrage of negativity he receives for doing so.

In December, when the dollar loses it's reserve currency status, America will feel the full force of the $15 trillion debt their elected officials signed them on to. People will wish they had paid more attention to the warnings Ron Paul gave them instead of immersing themselves in the propaganda that spouted out by the main stream media.

RE: Ron Paul 2012 Election Info - FastTadpole - 04-05-2012

Hey let's not knock the man, never met him or his family. It's about the plan not the man, which seems pretty textbook though in siphoning and transferring wealth and power after years of building up the government to pass it off to corporate interests and banks.

That said, from what I do know - I have more respect for Paul than Obama but that's beside the point.

Anyways this game of voting in Dick, Jimmy, Barack, George, Bill, Ronnie or Ron as the figurehead all equates to the same deal Democratic or Republican.

[Image: 524803_397031160316106_220760161276541_1...7802_n.jpg]

.. and there is no saving it.

We are our own problem and solution, not some superhero politician.