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Movie Software? - KM1 - 02-12-2012

I have been using pro show producer, along with avs video editor, and audacity in combination to make some videos. However, these programs are somewhat limited as to effects and what not. I have tried adobe after effects and I was wondering if anybody knows of a decent program that is a kind of chimera of pro-show and after effects. One that has some particle effects etc but with the user-friendliness of pro show?

Also, does anybody have any Juicer material?



RE: Movie Software? - drummer - 02-12-2012

HitFilm is pretty good and fairly easy to use.

RE: Movie Software? - KM1 - 02-13-2012

(02-12-2012, 07:03 PM)drummer Wrote: HitFilm is pretty good and fairly easy to use.

Thanks! I'll give it a try. It sounds just what I was looking for!


RE: Movie Software? - rsol - 02-13-2012

blender. solves all my image related stuff. full 3d interface + motion capture/camera tracking.