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Moments of spiritual intensity - do your best to preserve them - Solve et Coagula - 02-12-2012

"If you have experienced a moment of great spiritual intensity and at last tasted peace, love and light, do all you can to preserve this state. Do not allow yourself to slip back into mundane activities and preoccupations. In order to justify their negligence, some will say the moments of grace they experienced were perhaps just the fruit of their imagination. There you have it: heaven enlightened them and strengthened them, and they wonder whether they were the victim of an illusion! But when they feel weak, bowed down, in torment – that’s reality to them. Don’t talk to me about human ignorance and ingratitude!

Do your best to retain and deepen those rare moments when you are fortunate enough to receive currents of pure energy that will sustain you throughout your life. It is not effort that tires you; no, it is the tendency to open your mind and heart to dark, heavy thoughts and feelings. How can you not be tired when you are a burden to yourself?"

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

RE: Moments of spiritual intensity - do your best to preserve them - thokling - 02-12-2012

It can also help to desire to retaste those episodes. In fact, it might be noted as a given that a stronger desire of the state in question (be it spiritual intensity or otherwise) will lead to more manifestation of that state.

Just for fun, when it happens, take note of your senses - some are naturally stronger than others from person to person, and the best way to find out which ones are your own keys is visualisation, but not with just the eyes. When you close your eyes, imagine what familiar sources look, smell, sound, feel and taste like. Whichever impressions are strongest are the ones that are your best link to manifestation, and there may be more than one sense in the group.

Then, armed with this information, analyse information based on those senses. The more you can imagine the information from the perspective of those senses, the greater the chances the desired state will be achieved. It seems strange, but it might work. (It does for me in some situations, even when dissecting spiritual stuff. Things tend to have a distinct range of smells depending upon the situation for me, for instance.)