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I don't know how many invites to I have, because the site doesn't tell me, and I don't want to generate them unnecessarily if the response is low. I currently have two and may be able to generate more. These invites are specifically for the tracker. The forums are open for registration without invite, it appears.

There is a catch to receiving a invite from me, though. Because it's a good site, one I use regularly, and because I may face a warning or ban because I'm inviting one or too many, respectively, users, I have some criteria before giving out these invites.

Firstly, ensure that the quality of your ConCen forum posts is high. Disruptiveness and, most especially, adding nothing of substance to forum threads will help to disqualify you. I will want to review your posts, so if you PM me through the tracker, give me the URL of your forum profile. You do not need to have a lot of posts - 3 good ones is all.

I'll expand this further to note that racists and bigots otherwise need not apply. This particularly includes, but is not limited to, Jew haters.

Secondly, having a reasonable torrent ratio here is good. 1.0 or higher with 25GB or more uploaded to ConCen is the requisite for my giving an invite. If you're PMing me through the forums, please give me the URL of your tracker profile.

I trust you'll understand why I'm being so Nazi about this. I'll review your ConCen tracker and forum accounts, and then respond back.

Please do not ask in this thread. PM me directly. When I run out of invites, I'll post an update here. I invite other users to also offer 'Noid invites if you still have some, under the above or your own qualifications.