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Dead people on the voter list in NH *video* - Sovereignman - 01-12-2012

Just came upon this video.

Yes I believe it's possible, no I am not happy about it. Look at those clueless people. "no I'd required". I know they didn't make that rule/law but it's still frustrating.

Why don't we just send ballots to every person on this rock? Make US taxpayers pay for the materials and postage.

You'd think that with technology today as soon as a person is deceased the coroner or police department, hospital, etc would notify the state department that handles records so that the dead person could be pulled from any voter list immediately.

I can understand it happening if the person died the day of voting since the poll workers (or pole workers?) would already have the list but then that's why they should require an ID.

I have to show ID if I want to buy cigarettes or a beer. Why not for voting?