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Planet Earth: its future depends on humans - Solve et Coagula - 12-30-2011

Planet Earth: its future depends on humans

"When we see the state of the world today, of course we tell ourselves the worst may yet happen: atomic war, epidemics, natural catastrophes and so on, capable of bringing about the disappearance of humankind. And so, voices are heard announcing that the afflictions described in the book of Revelation are set to rain down on earth. It is true that Revelations predicts the end of the world; it is written. But actually events are never predetermined. They can take quite a different course, depending on the behaviour of humanity. Nothing is predetermined; there is no irrevocable destiny, either for the individual or for the world as a whole.

God is not a tyrant decreeing cataclysms that no one can do anything about. He created humans with free will; they determine their own future. If they live without awareness and lead a dissolute life, they unleash chaotic currents, and then, of course, the laws of nature, which are the laws of justice, bring them to catastrophic ends; it can only be so. But if they decide to be wiser, if they radiate a harmonious energy and no longer disturb the balance of nature, many misfortunes can be avoided."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

RE: Planet Earth: its future depends on humans - TeslaandLyne - 12-31-2011

Boy it sure does.
I think the 1% of the 1% see things different.
Sure lots of people have thought of the future.
1916-12-02: Wonders of the Future
Yeah there is a lot there and not much has happened
since because nothing was developed.
Quote:but there are now innumerable things done in old-fashioned ways which are much inferior in economy, convenience, and many other respects to the new method. So great are the advantages of the latter that whenever an opportunity presents itself the engineer advises his client to "do it electrically."

Well of course.

Quote:I have devoted much thought to this industrial proposition, and find that with new, efficient, extremely cheap, and simple thermodynamic transformers not less than 4,000,000 horsepower could be developed in electric generators by utilizing the heat of these gases, which, if not entirely wasted, are only in part and inefficiently employed.

Did we miss that one. "Thermodynamic transformers", that is too deep.

In any case of the lies of agents might be blocking the future:
Quote:. Dirigibles and aeroplanes will be furnished with small electric generators of high tension, from which the deadly currents will be conveyed through thin wires to the ground.

Tesla says high tension generators for flying ship but with ground
wires. Tesla researchers suspect with high tension generators
on board a ship needs no wires. I think this document was changed
like a few other Tesla documents.

Unless Tesla wants hovering power plants.
Power conveyed to the ground not to the plane.
Check out the homes of the 1% of the 1% to see if any
power plants are hovering above.
Tesla already patented with out wire induction through the
air to power a vehicle which was not needed after he
developed internal craft generators.