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Jack Blood is back! - yeti - 11-30-2011
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Exclusive interview with Richard Gage – Founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth: – Topic: Controlled Demolition of WTC 1,2 and 7 / “Occupy” Building 7 Street Action. Tons of Info, science, and rock n roll music.
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EXCLUSIVE: BBC Investigative Reporter GREG PALAST like you have never heard him!~ His newest bestseller: “Vulture’s Picnic” – Greg and Jack hit: “O’Busha” / BP / Romney’s puppet master unveiled / secret submarines / the phoney renta green movement / carbon credits / occupy reality biz / naked spies / and Greg tells a first hand Charles Bukowski story that has yet to be told… a must Share File for all who want real dope on the elite 1%!!!!

RE: Jack Blood is back! - capnchronic - 02-18-2012

And again,

RE: Jack Blood is back! - darsie - 02-18-2012

I'll be listening in for sure. Excellent political analyst.

RE: Jack Blood is back! - capnchronic - 05-07-2012

Yet again

Quote:I seriously want to thanks our fans, friends, and supporters for your patience. I also want to thank all of the people / networks that came to our aid by offering airtime for The Jack Blood Show. Though we went in a different direction…. We all wish you guys the best going forward.

As you know by now we had to pull our show from American Freedom Radio due to complications beyond our control. While they remain a great outlet for internet talk radio, they could not physically meet the demands of a “morning show” – which is what we want to deliver.

It is the greatest challenge for me to rack up the talking points debunker before most anyone else, and set the truth dialog early in the day before the propaganda sets in. By doing so, we aim to give our great listeners the tools to confront the thought control machine effects within your own circle. If we can entertain you along the way… I have done my job!

After much contemplation – we decided to run with the offer by No Agenda Global Radio. ( The links are on our front page.


There can be no doubt that they are the FUTURE of Talk Radio. With them – we can offer consistency, cutting edge listening / interactive tools, and an outside the bubble line up that will take us outside the usual “Preaching to the Choir”.

No Agenda was built to host THE NO AGENDA SHOW w/ Adam Curry and John Dvorak. Adam is of course one of the 1st VJ’s from MTV (when they launched; and from the days when they revolutionized the music industry by… playing music on TV. We all fondly remember “Headbangers Ball”!)
He is no doubt an Anti NWO truth artist and does a great show! Adam now lives in my hometown of Austin TX! John is a long time internet personality who can hold his own with anyone!


I have every intention of taking our work to the next level! (with your help)

While the stream is COMMERCIAL FREE!!! – we will thoughtfully and artistically acknowledge our supporters and sponsors in the most creative way possible. (please support the advertisers on our site so we can stay on the air) Also – we will accept regular donations via our from page pay pal so that we can continue to offer a free show.

The archives should be up much quicker than before, though it may take a few days to get a good system which can work for everyone. This one of our TOP priorities!

I really want everyone to jump over asap – LETS ROCK THIS JOINT and show the owners of No Agenda that we can deliver the numbers we have for so many years now. PLEASE SHARE THE STREAM INFO!

If we all join together on this – we will grow the show and spread truth to the highest level, and within the largest scope yet!


Yours in Liberty ~

Jack Blood

RE: Jack Blood is back! - CharliePrime - 05-07-2012

Interesting. Thanks.

I used to listen to Jack Blood, but then he began publishing shows sporadically, he began focusing on left/right politics, and I lost interest.

I will give his new product a fair listen.