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Hello - istibv - 11-02-2011

Greetings from Romania. I'm a new member, age little over 50 and my name is Istvan. Because my native language it's not english I will make some mistakes, maybe. Don't be hard on me because of this. I hope I'll find interesting readings on this site and I'm happy that I was accepted as a member. You have so many interesting things here, I don't know where to start.

RE: Hello - thokling - 11-02-2011

istibv: You may relax, assured that there are those of us who are native English speakers who will have far less good Englishing than you. Welcome to ConCen. :)

Me, I have no recommendations as where best to start. ConCen focuses on politics, survival, technology, and many other areas. If you wish to participate in the torrents, be sure to take advantage of the regular "freelech" uploads that appear with the spinning coin. These don't count toward your downloaded total, and will also help to keep your ratio up in case you get invites to private trackers.

You may also find the conspiracy-centric material here to be of use, overwhelming though it may seem.

RE: Hello - FastTadpole - 11-02-2011

Big ConCen Welcome from Canada.

What does the world look like from your point of view?

For plenty of Books, Video and Audio check out our torrent tracker - if you haven't already.

RE: Hello - icosaface - 11-03-2011

Yes, welcome to ConCen and how are things in Romania? Are the people revolting? What is happening in your neck of the world?

RE: Hello - thokling - 11-03-2011

Romanians aren't as revolting as those in other countries, certainly.

RE: Hello - zapoper - 11-03-2011

Welcome Istvan! English is my second language too. Keep in mind that there is much free speech here so put on your Kevlar vest and enjoy the site. Wave

RE: Hello - Dunamis - 11-03-2011

Hey there Istvan! Hope you settle in well and find much info to your liking. And of course, do check out the torrent tracker stuff too!

RE: Hello - istibv - 11-03-2011

Thank you so much for this warm welcome.
To FastTadpole: such a "simple" question and so hard to find a short answer!! But let's just say that I'm a science oriented person, who realises, as years go by, that now I know a lot more less than I knew when I was younger. This world we live in, at least my country, is still so beautifull and we don't do almoust anything to preserve it. I see how quickly everything is going appart and this sadeness me; like in Lisa Minnelli's song "Money, money"!
To icosaface and thokling: I must agree with thokling, we, as a nation, support a lot of bad things that are happening to us and all because we're not so united as we would like to be. Almost everybody thinks of himself firstly and we have too much corruption at all the levels of the political power.

RE: Hello - thokling - 11-04-2011

istibv: Trust me - most youth think they know everything, and realise when they grow older that they know relatively nothing.

I'm also not sure which of my comments you're referring to - if it was the 'revolting' comment, that was a play on words (to 'revolt' and to 'be revolting') - however, it's interesting how you read into that as describing corruption in your country. (Some Romanians have been center stage in numerous instances for writing and distributing malware.)

It's tough to know where precisely the corruption comes from, as from what historical evidence I've found on my journey it's been rampant well before 'money' entered the picture. There's nothing wrong specifically with being self-serving - I ensure that my own needs are met first before those of others, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to ignore the needs of others entirely. There's always a limit before it just gets ridiculous. ;)

RE: Hello - sal2azz - 11-14-2012

hello istibv i think you are the same person i know please contact me sal nice to see you here