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A small win for the people of Michigan =D - Bluegrazz - 10-15-2011

-Regarding a discussion we had been having about the power of local government to really effect change- We had a small win in Michigan.

I know many of you will find this of little consequence , but to us this means ANOTHER win against the Federal Government and another win for consumer choice.

-WE now will be the only State continuing to sell and MANUFACTURE incandescent light bulbs, once again telling the Feds that we have State rights.

My Thanks to Rep. Mike Shirkey (who I didnt vote for, dont like, but took my and other's phone calls and voted for the peoples will)

Michigan is becoming one of the most free States in the USA. We have lots of work to do but we now (in the last six years) have went from nearly losing our 2nd amendment rights (CCW's were impossible to get) to having some of the best protection for Gun owners rights and giving CCW's to anyone without a Felony. Have went from totalitarianism in our Cannabis laws which culminated in the massacre at Rainbow Farms (interesting articles and books about the little known murder of Cannabis activists under the order of our Attorney General) to having some fantastic Cannabis Laws (And we are working towards Legalization in our State) and now we have snubbed our nose once again over ...Light Bulbs, lol.

Its a very small thing to some, but to us its another win on the scorecard and hopefully brings some good jobs to the area.

Michigan has a long way to go in bringing jobs back and in many areas, but we are also among the more improved States (easy to improve when you are dead last , lol)

-Just thought I would bring up what I consider a win for the people, even if its a small one.

EDIT: Great quote... "I certainly think giving our citizens a choice between a $5 mercury-filled curlicue light bulb or a 50-cent incandescent bulb is worthwhile," he said. "We're giving them a chance to decide." State Rep. Tom McMillin

RE: A small win for the people of Michigan =D - SiLVa - 10-17-2011

It is a small victory in the scope of things, however its a great victory for State's rights. Because in the end I rather have live in a state that respects the wishes of its citizens than a state thats totally in the pocket of the federal government and could care less about what the people want.
Imo, people need to get more involved in their local county and state issues. By taking back control of the state, there is a small chance that we can stop the over reaching hands of the federal government, and better fight against their hold of the whole country in total.
The sovereignty of the States is unquestionable. Its been proven in court way too many times to reverse that legal precedent. As long as the people keep reminding their state representatives, and in turn the Federal gov, then we'll all be better off for it.

RE: A small win for the people of Michigan =D - nwo2012 - 10-22-2011

Considering Michigan's fluoridation history, this is all the more impressive. Wink

RE: A small win for the people of Michigan =D - Bluegrazz - 10-23-2011

Right. Last I heard Wayne County MI. (where Detroit and other urban sprawl is located and the most populated part of the State BY FAR) had the most heavily fluoridated water in the Nation- But its a misnomer to think that Michigan is highly fluoridated.

The City I live in now also has fairly heavy fluoridation in its water compared to what I am used to (its not so bad that you can smell/taste it like near Detroit where a shower makes my eyes burn, lol) but Nationally we are at the lower end of the spectrum.

Michigan , as a whole, still relies on Well water for most areas of the State. I grew up about 75 miles from Detroit and my family (and everyone we knew)had our own well's. We had an Artesian well which was the best Damn fresh water you can get. Others with standard wells still have toi treat their own water with Salt Pellets and Water softener (pain in the ass, that.) to remove the "rotten egg" smell and the heavy Iron content.

Anyhow, Michigan isnt an overly fluoridated State (as is believed) its just that our Major Population centers are the MOST Fluoridated in the Nation. Interestingly enough, many years ago we were in the Guinness book of world records for having the most polluted square mile of land in the WORLD- Zug Island (An Industrial dumping ground owned by National Steel). We also have at least three of the most violent cities in the Nation (Detroit, Flint and Saginaw)- However, like the Fluoride issue, this isnt indicative of the State as a whole- These are all pretty much statistics which come from one area of the State that give the entire State a bad name.

I LOVE Michigan, BUT you couldnt pay me enough to live in one of the cities I have mentioned.

The fluoride issue is one I am torn on as well- The main reason I pretty much "leave it alone" is because to come to terms with how such a horrible, toxic chemical has gotten in our water, why its bad and causes lethargy/brain damage and how much the corruption has spread even to well meaning Dentists- You must study... And 99% of the people will not pick up a book or even watch a video (unless its American Idol or a Detroit Tigers game)

This is an area that many well meaning people screw themselves in- You hit people with so much (valid) information that goes against everything they have learned (i.e. "common knowledge") and the only way they can find truth of the matter you are speaking is to STUDY. They wont study, will blow you off and think you are crazy... Its the same with Zionism, Illuminati, NWO, blah, blah, blah. Want to discredit yourself and your issues? Bring up anything which goes against "common knowledge".

My tactic is to try to only discuss tangible issues which dont require any study- So as to not turn people away at the door. Interestingly, once these smaller, tangible and easy to understand issues begin to get support- People take part- Small things change- People see they DO have some power- Then other ideals can be introduced to those who WILL study... A protest against Fluoride will make you (me) and all of our issues look "crazy" to the populace who will not support us. A protest over, say Fireworks (recently many Patriots in Michigan began protesting our Firework law- showing how Government control is driving money from the State, making criminals of average folks, and is just stupid)- People can get behind something like this and slowly be shown that small laws like these are the tip of the iceburg- Can be engaged in Conversation about States rights and Freedom- The small battles bring us the soldiers for the big battles to come.

All I hear about online is Alex Jonestards talking about how "bad" its getting... I dont see it.

I grew up here in Michigan and moved away in around 2002 to Kentucky. Moved back here about a year and a half ago... This state is far more free than it was when I left. People are really waking up here (not to the Illumitards- But to States rights)... The number of CCWs issued in the 1990s was pathetic. You would have to be a business owner carrying large sums of money and (if my memory serves me right) less than 1000 were ever issued. Now, any non felon can get one and more than 200,000 people are legally carrying . (Interesting Fact: Crime has went up here unlike the folks claiming CCW's drop crime- This being said, I and my fellow Statesmen STILL believe in the right to carry)

Cannabis Laws were totalitarian since the 1970's here. 1 oz was a felony, growing 1 plant was a felony.... My City alone right now has nearly 10 cannabis shops (I have 5 in walking distance) and even non-medical users (people without cards) are now considered low priority and are generally ticketed.

Food stamp laws were changed to allow the poor to buy seeds using food stamps. FARMERS MARKETS (the one's AJ has been saying are being made "illegal") and roadside fruit stands are now authorized to take food stamps as well. Victory gardens are popping up in Urban centers, Gardening workshops being offered and growing your own food encouraged. (thought AJ was saying these were being made illegal in MI. since at least 5 years ago...Instead we are expanding them. Hmmmmm...)

I know most do not like FB, but my city has a FB page for our community Garden (Victory Garden) seems the GMO people dont have as much power as you are being told they have...

Fireworks: (note: this hasnt passed yet but looks like it will) Since the late 1980's everything was illegal here except for sparklers and smoke bombs. People buying Mortars (from Ohio) could be charged with a felony. In rural areas the Police generally ignored these laws BUT if they wanted to bust you, they busted you... NOW, looks like we are going to have the most liberal firework laws in the Nation. If this passes people from OHIO will be coming here since we will legally sell BIGGER MORTARS.

-There has been so much change for the good here, and so many laws giving us MORE freedom and yet all I hear is "red alert- Things worse than ever, lady banned from gardening, fluoride levels in water"

-Well, once we fully win our State back and more people begin joining hands in the States rights movement, and less fear mongering, lies and mistruths plague the moment and turning off the majority from joining us (i.e. Chasing them away with tales of the Illuminati and "WATCH THIS DVD" and "they want to kill your CHILDREN") then we can slowly move towards changing the Flouride levels (which are actually down from 40 years ago)

-But its one small victory at a time...Or we will never win...

Right now our fight is focused towards the Federal Government. The ATF says they will raid anyone who is growing Cannabis and has a CCW. They want to use the Firearm/felony law even though our state allows 12 plants to be grown for medical reasons. We need to show the Feds they can FUCK OFF- We voted, protested and won the right to grow Cannabis. We voted, protested and WON the right to be armed in public. Now the ATF wants to make our citizens federal felons. Thats our next fight- Something Tangible that real middle class people can get behind... Maybe we can tackle Fluoride later. Maybe not.

Its the small wins people which make change. Running in with guns blazing, yelling about the Illuminati and the CFR and such will get you nowhere-

We even had an occupy Jackson Movement which was small (I live in a small city) but great,

Oh, we can also take photos of our Police- When the Stanley Cup came to Downtown Jackson my Wife and I got tons of pictures of Jackson County Mounted police (they even allowed us to pose next to them for pictures and the "tipped their hats")- They were awesome. Our Downtown is an unofficial "party zone" where police will not harass anyone unless they are acting violent or cannot stand up. No stupid "public intox" laws here. This was due to a study that found residents were driving home from the downtown bars because it was less risk of arrest than walking... Our City Superhero, Captain Jackson (yes, really) was able to help pass a "common sense" ordinance allowing us to party downtown , take a bus, walk anywhere with no harassment- Until we get behind the wheel... Not too bad IMO.