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Burt's Bees, Tom's of Maine, Naked Juice - April - 03-19-2009

not surprised, but that sucks! :smirk:

Full article here :

Quote:Needless to say, I was shocked when I recently found out that Burt's Bees is now owned by Clorox, a massive corporate company that has historically cared very little about the environment, but whose main industry is directly associated with harmful chemicals, some of which require warning labels for legal sale.

Clorox; yes, that's right -- the bleach company with an estimated revenue of $ 4.8 billion that employs nearly 7,600 workers (now bees) and sells products like Liquid-Plumr, Pine-Sol and Armor All, a far cry from the origins of Burt.

I now understood. The reason Burt's Bees products were everywhere was precisely because they now had a powerful corporation in the driver's seat, with big marketing budgets and existing distribution systems.

I'm going to print this out and pass it on to the lady that owns our local organics shop. She takes massive pride in how 'on top of things' she is... Info like this will make her reconsider a couple products that she carries. Kinda sad though. I have two tubes of Burts Bees with in arms length of my keyboard.... :umm:Got the Tom's of Maine in the bathroom.... :ouch:That's fine though. I have no problem boycotting major corporations. Seek and ye shall find.

Burt's Bees, Tom's of Maine, Naked Juice - ToddTraf - 03-19-2009

there was recently an article on the lady that started burts bees in a recent Yankee magazine. I remember it painting her as a savior of all things wilderness and described her major paper company land grabs. She owns tons of land in Maine now. It mentions nothing of Clorox...... I'll have to look for it.

Burt's Bees, Tom's of Maine, Naked Juice - ToddTraf - 03-19-2009

here I found it and it does mention her selling to clorox. She sold out but continues to buy land.

"In November of last year, Burt's Bees was sold for nearly a billion dollars to Clorox, which stated that it was eager to "grab market share in so-called green products."

"It feels like closure," Roxanne said shortly after the sale. The little company that grew is now completely out of her hands. But 20 percent of the sale price went to Roxanne. "That has put a lot more green energy into what I'm planning to do," she added.

In December, after a year of closed-door negotiations, Roxanne struck a new kind of deal with state officials and local civic leaders. From the Gardner timber company, she purchased 8,900 acres east of Baxter State Park, which she will return to wilderness, and in turn granted the state a two-year option to buy 5,000 acres of her Millinocket-area property plus a working forest easement on another 6,600 acres, guaranteed to be open to motorized recreation and logging. She also agreed to keep open two important snowmobile trails that cross portions of her land, perhaps heralding a thaw in her relations with area sportsmen and residents.

Today, she is working on acquiring still more contiguous parcels on the east side of Baxter State Park. "This feels good," she says. "Yes it does."
Yankee Magazine March 2008"