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Jose Guerena SWAT Raid Video From Helmet Cam - mexika - 05-30-2011

It happened so fast. How Could He Have Known ? it was the police ? This Video Contains Some Video That May Not Be Suitable For Children. Viewer Discretion is advised

RIP Jose Guerena The Country Is now Watching.

The Reports coming out are heart breaking his 4 year old Son was the 1st to walk out with his hands up with his Spider Man pajamas on. some of the files have been released and this is a statement from a SWAT member he seen his Dad laying there dieing I'm not sure what happened to our country.

Update 5/28/11 5PM
The Media is now backing out there old position and using the term minutes of video and not seconds there starting to make it sound like Jose knew and had plenty of warning the local cover up has started and it started when national news started to report on it something stinks here.

Thank you KGUN9 for letting us use your content.

RE: Jose Guerena SWAT Raid Video From Helmet Cam - williamblake - 06-02-2011

Jose Guerena, a 26 year old Marine, was shot and murdered by SWAT officers who did not find any criminal products or items in his home. Guerena is a veteran of 2 tours in Iraq. He was armed, but the safety on his rifle was off and he didn't shoot at the police officers that entered his home. The incident is raising a lot of questions over law enforcement conduct. I read this here:Jose Guerena did not shoot at SWAT team that killed him,