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Our Solar System, Evidence of Creation - Spike Psarris - drummer - 04-18-2011

This presentation goes through each planet in our Solar System (and a few of their moons), and shows how each one discredits evolutionary theories in a different way. Includes about 100 beautiful photos taken from various space probes and the Hubble Space Telescope.

RE: Our Solar System, Evidence of Creation - Spike Psarris - rsol - 04-18-2011

this is hilarious!!!!!

he doesn't even understand size!! he has absolutely NO idea that size has ZERO to do with mass!!!

This man is kent hovind without the nice hair.

to quote him "heres what you arent being told about mercury"

Wants to disprove the dynamo theory but isnt prepared to "bore people with details" no wonder. HE DOESN'T KNOW!
NEVER STATES that mercury has a magnetic field 1% that of earth.

rocks dont "sag over time" at 900f
its surface is obviously young????????? because its a bit spiky? this is hilarious do go onSmile

earth should be goodSmile

Violent winds from a fast spin of the planet. fantasticSmile
i love the "tilt gives us very moderate seasons" this is just so funny.
"our atmosphere is just right" as long as you dont look at the recordSmile

"if you were to push the ocean floor up and the mountains down, obviously the water would cover the earth"
i have no answer to this. a smiley will have to suffice.....Smile

"ocean floors...probably were a lot higher"
hmm probably....

when an evolutionist says they have it all figured out. talk about cosmology. that should swing it. yeah. talk about a totally different subject. this man went to nasa? more like the epcot centre....

ok ive heard enough. bullshit-o-meter needs recalibrating this guy broke the scale..

a retort from someone who bothered to pay attention in class...