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GM cows producing human breast milk - April - 04-06-2011

Quote:( -- Researchers in China led by Ning Li, the director of the State Key Laboratories for AgroBiotechnology at the China Agricultural University, have created cow milk similar to human breast milk which could one day replace the need for baby formula.

Currently cow milk is not readily digested and absorbed by human infants, so for those mothers who choose not to breastfeed or who are unable, the only current alternative is formula. Many argue that infant formula is inadequate in providing the full nutrients an infant needs. Human milk contains numerous proteins as well as human lysozyme (HLZ), which is a key in fighting bacteria and boosting an infant’s immune system.

With this in mind, Li and his team introduced human lysozyme and other human proteins into the embryos of Holstein cattle and then placed these embryos into surrogate cows. In this recent study, printed in Public Library of Science One, the researchers state that it was cloning technology used to introduce the human genes into the cows DNA. When these genetically modified cows started lactating, the milk they produced contained HLZ as well as other human proteins such as lactoferrin and lactalbumin which also help to boost an infant’s immune system.

A purification process was then used to increase the fat content and milk solids, as well as make the milk taste closer to that of human breast milk. It is the researcher’s hope that one day we will be able to purchase this genetically modified cow’s milk in grocery stores.
Protestors against the cloning and genetic modification of animals worry about the animal welfare, as well as the possible danger of exposing infants to this genetically modified milk. In one of the experiments in this study, of the 42 calves born, ten died not long after birth and the other six died within months. Health problems are not uncommon in genetically altered animals and they suggest this be taken into consideration before suggesting infants consume this milk.
More information: Yang B, Wang J, Tang B, Liu Y, Guo C, et al. (2011) Characterization of Bioactive Recombinant Human Lysozyme Expressed in Milk of Cloned Transgenic Cattle. PLoS ONE 6(3): e17593. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0017593
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RE: GM cows producing human breast milk - Melchor - 04-06-2011

Mmm, cloned fake human formula from GM cows. Barf

RE: GM cows producing human breast milk - yeti - 04-07-2011

Cowlent Green is people!

teh awesomes...

RE: GM cows producing human breast milk - Dunamis - 04-07-2011

How long before Splice becomes a reality? Things are going too far, and that was when we started messing with seeds.

RE: GM cows producing human breast milk - rsol - 04-07-2011

begging your pardon but this is where GM HAS a need

Perhaps everyone forgets that the cow is an abhoration of nature designed by us over the course of 1000s of years of selective breeding. we drink a substance that our bodies really shouldnt.

To move this to the next level, not just with breast milk but with normal milk aswell possibly....

In GM there IS scope for positive change, the problems arise with those "protecting" their product before they have actually done anything good with them.

Digital media rights for genes. this is the same old fight. turn those opposed into those against it all while they get on with patenting bacteria.

RE: GM cows producing human breast milk - Dunamis - 04-07-2011

Just because an outcome may be a righteous one, it does not mean the process used is. Of course I know there is a reason, you may call it a "need", I'd call it a want. There's also such a "need" for crops to be resistant against all kinds of insects, a "need" for a goat that that can spin silk (a technological "need") and many others.

It all depends on what you classify as warranted when it comes to messing with something we are not even close to fully comprehending. We know almost nothing about the human Genome. I would compare it to messing with a car engine when all you know about is how to open the door, let alone how to start it.

RE: GM cows producing human breast milk - rsol - 04-08-2011

i would agree with you on most of that.

You could see the same about medicine way back when. and learning comes from experiment. the doom and gloom of GM is just as bad as the proponents for GM. both are leaving out the real benefits and problems. many studies to help build cures to genetic disorders that require stem cells are thwarted by the same people behind pushing the benefits of GM crops as they try to manipulate farmers into becoming dependent to the point of legally binding them.

RE: GM cows producing human breast milk - Dunamis - 04-08-2011

What should also be considered into the mix though, should be all the other man made things that cause most of the problems GM Companies claim they can eradicate. Water shortages in third world regions for example, forget modifying grain etc, spend the same billions on better irrigation and purification and pump plants in coastline regions, as well as building enough underground reservoirs to last through tough times if pipelines fail. Of course this is just one example, and the health ones, well, us conceners know how many of those are avoidable through some underground education and implementation.

HARRP and such to me are in the same category, messing with things we know very little about, let alone the possible consequences. Yes such things can be utilised for good, but I'm a realist, and we all know this will not be the case for GM, let alone any other technology, as long as the system remains Babylon.

RE: GM cows producing human breast milk - rsol - 04-08-2011

irrigation isnt the whole problem. its having water there in the first place.

ive known a few people in farming (big farms) and they were always researching new strains of current crops hoping to find consistant growers ect. most of the effective work in better grown CAN be accomplished though selective breeding.

The problem is when trying to use something learned by one organism and implanting it to another. there is no reason why they cant except that the genomes are far enough apart from each other to complicate reproduction. I do understand its needs and its possibilities.

The danger we face is of course we dont know if new side effects could spring up. but you may aswell never cross the road with that attitude. GMC is happening for all the wrong reasons. stem cell reasearch is also having difficulties for all the wrong reasons. It could revolutionalise medicine when medicine is doing fine thankyou. They prefer the addiction cycle to actual cure.

RE: GM cows producing human breast milk - JFK - 04-09-2011

My question would be What if they inadverdently introduce human intelligence into these cows ( and bulls ) ?

Can you imagine a herd which can figure out the they are inevitably doomed to slaughter for meat ?

RE: GM cows producing human breast milk - rock - 04-22-2011

How this is possible? How can a cow give a milk same as human, I am not believing it. I want a complete study on it and i will do it. Is this some sort of cloning of human and cows and is it possible?

RE: GM cows producing human breast milk - yeti - 04-23-2011

PysOrg Wrote:Li and his team introduced human lysozyme and other human proteins into the embryos of Holstein cattle and then placed these embryos into surrogate cows.

This is insanity. Talk about shoddy shotgun science! There is no way to predict what can happen when you do that. To properly research the repurcussons would take decades, but the scum that are running GMO research these days are in it only for the money, so will not bother - they'll spend the money on lobbying and lawsuits instead...

RE: GM cows producing human breast milk - rsol - 04-23-2011

"they'll spend the money on lobbying and lawsuits instead... "

agreed, why waste money on improving a product when you can just spend a few mill lobbying its "safety"