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Anti-Jones Info - jonnyfrag - 03-21-2011

I put this in the PvP section because it seems to incite fights sometimes, ok, most of the time, but anyone have any info on some 'truth' stuff that realizes that Alex Jones is now (if not always has been) a egotistical buffoon that's likely controlled by the very government agents he rails against?

Also to throw this in, anyone heard from Kathrine Bleish since she went onto Jesse Ventura's show? I know she had been head to head with Alex and had some of the best 'he's a total asshole looking like a COINTELPRO agent' video of the whole thing. To turn up on Jesse's show (which has a bunch of control of Jones obviously) seems to me like a sell out to me, but admittedly I don't have the balls to call her on it personally (she's semi local and a FB friend) but wondered if anyone else had yet. If not, maybe I have to be the guy.

RE: Anti-Jones Info - SiLVa - 03-21-2011

I too noticed that Bleish, from that one episode of Ventura's show, was the same girl that went head to head with AJ during that whole Austin Gun Ralley fiasco. At first it was a bit weird to me too but I figured its nothing more than the usual conspira-tainment, with that bunch of characters. Didnt know much about her to begin with anyway so I figured maybe it was just for show.
I wouldnt necessarliy accuse her of anything, but you should ask her if your friends with her on Face Book. I would, but I dont use FB, as Im sure you can tell Wink