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Riley Martin - ^v^hooters ex - 03-21-2011

Yet another mite on the site that probably would not have benefited much from receiving a basic school education.

Riley claims he has a longstanding contactee relationship with aliens and uses this laughable scenario in order to illicit money from naive people for what he calls his "symbols".- ie. A very low level, morally bankrupt pathetic scam artist.

Known for often making comments with inappropriate barely veiled homosexual content, although, in itself, not a unique discovery to find another example of the unconscious psycho-sexual outpourings of homo-erotic fantasy from "square jawed" middle-aged men online (Internet forums such as this being a "hotbed" for such dysfunctional and quite frankly, perverse, behavior), Riley, clearly wants a break in on broke back but in reality he should really keep his fever filth under wraps in the spirit on common decency..the majority of us here, myself included, are heterosexual and are nonplussed with these straight acting conspiracy gays and their addiction to needing to constantly reference homosexual acts. It is pitiful.

This obsequious dunce is one of the more amusing idiots to observe around the constellation of small sites with which is associated by overlapping memberships, if only due to his submissive "hero-worship" manners and complete absence of higher intellectual function.

RE: Riley Martin - Riley Martin - 03-21-2011

Whatever Dodgy

RE: Riley Martin - Deathaniel - 03-21-2011

this hooters guy/gal loves to start shit eh... just a few days ago he was whining bout my anti jew/ hedonism views... so... mr Gestapo, so what should we be talking about what is approved by the mighty mind of MS Hooters....

RE: Riley Martin - Riley Martin - 03-23-2011

hooters ex is the Celtic Rebel.

RE: Riley Martin - ^v^hooters ex - 03-24-2011

Are you two dating now or wot?