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Libya False Flag: Reuters Hoax EXPOSED - FastTadpole - 03-19-2011

Quote:Libya False Flag -part 1: Reuters Hoax EXPOSED
by Chris & Sheree
March 9, 2011

(this article was originally named “Libya: Reuters Hoaxes The World – Exposed”)

As we’ve been watching the conflict in Libya play out exactly like the war in Iraq, and being keen to their tricks and tactics, we began examining pictures, videos and other evidence to lead us to the conclusion that this entire ordeal is a CIA-backed coup. We believe there is actually very little conflict (if any) aside from the false flags perpetuated by the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD in a UN takeover of the region. Considering the internet blackout disabling the people’s ability to speak, Russia Today’s interviews with the people of Libya, and the great oracle John McCain’s prophecy that Gaddofi will bomb his own oil reserves, a clearer picture began to form.

The first huge red flag was a picture by Reuter’s photojournalist Asmaa Waguih with the caption:

“Protester looks at the pictures of protesters who were killed during the last few days during the uprising against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in Benghazi city, Libya, February 23, 2011.”

[Image: Untitled-71-300x213.jpg]
Hi-res Photo Here (1.7MB):

This photo is posted on several blogs across the internet with the caption and credits to Reuters. At first glance the photo looks convincing but looking at it for more than one second, a huge mistake sticks out. The date, 06/29/1996 with the number 1200 is printed right next to it. If this is a picture of “a protester looking at photos of protesters who were killed during the last few days”, then what does the date mean??

On June 29, 1996, there was a massacre at Abu Salim (also spelled Abu Slim) Prison and the families have been demanding justice. The picture is from a memorial commemorating the victims and NOT as the captions claim.

[Image: 800px-Victims_of_Abu_Sleem_massacre-300x225.jpg]

MORE INFORMATION: The protest allegedly took place in February 2011. A clearer picture of this “wall” is found on Wikipedia. We understand wikipedia is not a 100% reliable source of information but the picture allows us to see the banner much more clearly. Click Here. (wiki link to Abu Salim Prison)

However, protests have occurred many times in the past for the exact same cause. There is NO TELLING WHEN these pictures took place however the point is to determine WHAT the pictures depict, not WHEN the pictures took place.
Full Article with details as to how the pictures were 'scrubbed' from the internets here:

Not a huge fan of Truth Frequency (they're really hit and miss) but gotta credit them with a good find when they hit on it. Be wary of the clever cross marketing of ideas, solutions and other people in deep with the "Truth" Movement business. Good research and follow up on this one Chris.


Libya Situation Showing Signs Of Rots Hand! The Mediterranean Union? Hmmm!
[Image: Mediterranean-Union-Mar11.png]

RE: Libya False Flag: Reuters Hoax EXPOSED - springhawk - 03-20-2011

I was going to rant about me wasting
way too much time looking into this
because at the end of what seemed a
day, all I could say what's the big deal
about conflicting captions underneath
a public domain photograph.

Then I saw this vid ripping apart
Stephen Harper's Holier Than Thou
attitude when it comes to dealing
with protesters.

Even though the vid was well worth
my time considering Harper, former
ex politician turned lobbyist for the
National Citizens Coalition turned
Prime Minister, is pretending to be
tough on lobbyists
. . . .

The photo is hardly proof of CIA

That does not mean that I dismiss
the idea that the USA or other
countries are instigating regime
change. I think, at the very least,
other counties think, it is in their best
interests, to take complete and total
control of Libya's oil.

And Libya is easy pickings. After all,
we all know Gaddafi is an evil terrorist,
don't we?

I have yet to see a right winger worry
about Libya being taken over by
fundamentalist Islamists, have you?

Wait to be fair, The Huffington Post
reported the USA has vowed to
protect Anti American Extremists

Anyway, Libya was for the most part,
becoming a secular country. The cover story
of National Geographic's November 2000
issue reveals how Gaddafi, among other
things, began Emancipating Women

Let's get back to the oil, my uncle lived
in Libya. I have quite a few friends who
have worked there because Libya has Oil.

Oil is the reason why the city where
FastTadpole and I live is wealthy. The
amount of oil going through this town
on it's way to the USA would make
Saran Palin wet.

And it's the oil that made Stephen
Harper deem oil workers a higher
a class of Canadian Citizen who
would be evacuated on taxpayers'
dollars than Lebanese Canadians
who were expected to pay for
their own evacuation from what
Harper said Israel invasion of
Lebanon was a measured response.

(Canada did evacuate Canadian
citizens after several Canadians
were killed by Israeli munitions -
I Am Lumberjack and Your Not
is a rather shallow article in
the Economist about the Canadians,
Conservative MP Garth Turner
called Citizens of Convenience

Did I mention that Harper's riding is
in Calgary where the Big Oil companies
have their Canadian head offices?

Having said all that, coupled with
past USA corporate driven coups,
it would not surprise me one bit
that the Libyan protests have been
fueled by big oil and their puppets
in government.

But to repeat, lest in gets lost in my
rambling ranting, trying to say one
photo with different captions proves
this only adds the bunker busting
bomb the shills need to discredit
all of us who can see the man
behind the curtain.

RE: Libya False Flag: Reuters Hoax EXPOSED - TheQleaner - 03-21-2011

RE: Libya False Flag: Reuters Hoax EXPOSED - rsol - 03-21-2011

im still thinking this is the one they "can" do something about. with all the uprisings everywhere, they could easily go to almost all of these countries with the same mandate. however, practical possibilities also take an edge off this.

What im saying is they need to appear to be doing something. its not small coincidence that two of the most unpopular world leaders (sarkozy, cameron) embattled in their own countries, can send their most expensive establishments out on a mission with little for them to do except talk to a general and say "ok yes , aha good, yes, great, you do that then", and pretty much have every domestic situation drop off the priority list as the masses watch the fireworks.

Some have stated that this takes months to plan. I beg to differ, this is a wide territory but with very little in the way of targets and assets anywhere but by the Mediterranean. Its really one small, long country with a desert next to it. An assault via warships is by and by the easiest and fastest way to wage war from various areas. the fire and forget archetype being a submarine and a tomahawk. They don't take long at all to get anywhere. The moment the UN would even start talks the generals would already be placing assets close on standby. this is all standard stuff. its taken about 7 days to get something written down to agree. the fact that they were looking to agree holds sway with any general to go ahead and park up as close as you can.

As ive stated i consider this a distraction away from other middle eastern countries with kings willing to play ball more. they were never sure about gadaffi. no one was. The people of libya started this uprising off the back of egypt. They were hoping gadaffi would be old enough and wise enough to step down. they were wrong. I think oil has its pitch here seeing as BP are well into gaddaffi now but i think that is part of a mass of interests and reasons.

The more i look at these events i dont see a guiding hand but more an overall inertia on a more meta-event level.

If i were cameron and i was having this much stick at home id love a quick war right now. provide air support for someone else to take the country then pull out while my feet are still dry and polish my smile up for the media. BP just want it to stop. however, whoever. They want the precious. I don't think they care who they sign with as long as they have what they need. Both adequate reasons for such people, each helping the other.

I suspect many have deduced the other countries have less coherent uprisings and feel they dont stand a chance and this at least can get them some "good" news. They have no doubt been selective..

why do i get the feeling something else is going to throw a spanner in the works?

btw regarding the picture. just for the sake of it. could this be a badly research photo produced by a press-room moron? the expression "that'll do" may offer an insight. idiocy is everywhere.

RE: Libya False Flag: Reuters Hoax EXPOSED - R.R - 03-22-2011

All we can do is wait unfortunately for more information to come out followed by investigation.

Although its fishy to me that a bunch of revolutions go off almost at the same time and when one dictator fights back, the real source of the problem sends in 'the cavalry' to finish off the job.