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Radioactive Grain - givemetruth - 02-20-2011

Hi there everyone,

I have a question and really hope you can help me with, there was a guy at work who said that USA sold radioactive grain to third world countries, he talked a lot about concen until he was fired basically.
I do believe him but is there somewhere I can find documents to back up this claim as we have an a$$hole at work who believes governments are HOLY and people are TRASH.
The guy who got fired talked specifically about grain from Nevada being shipped to third world countries etc.
So any help is highly appreciated as I looked on the net but did not find much but I know the story is highly likely to be true.

Best regards,

RE: Radioactive Grain - IanPotter - 02-20-2011

I can't answer your Q, but it's certainly possible. Probable even.

Here's a story from 2002 detailing the sale of radioactive wheat to buyers in the Middle East. In this instance the wheat originated from the Ukraine and Moldova and it was sold on to the Arabs by some unscrupulous Romanian exporters; according to the story.

Thus, we can say that some humans are more than willing to sell radioactive substances on to other human beings as foodstuff. (Same with melamine, ie plastic, in baby-food and all sorts of other horrors).

Yep, we could do it...

But could it happen in America?

Well, surprise surprise you've been growing radioactive grain for at least 13 years!

If you couldn't sell it, you'd stop growing it, right?

Bargain prices though: maybe we could make a killing?

RE: Radioactive Grain - givemetruth - 02-21-2011

IanPotter thank you very much for the links, it is a good start in the right direction.