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The Healing Power of Anger - Solve et Coagula - 01-25-2011

The Healing Power of Anger

Jonathan Talat Phillips

Tolstoy famously opens Anna Karenina by declaring, “Every happy family is the same but unhappy families are all different.” Over the years I’ve noticed healers have their own expression for a unique and challenging childhood -- they call it “initiation.”

My initiation into healership happened early on. My father had been one of the casualties of the Reagan Recession and found himself taking any meager job he could get, often far away, which meant we didn’t see him a lot. But with a hair-trigger temper and bipolar mood swings, my mother wasn’t meant to raise three children on her own. Without any warning, a strange glaze would often slip over her once-caring eyes as she exploded into violent rages, screaming how “worthless” my siblings and I were and that she “wished we were never born.”

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