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What the True Path is Not - Printable Version
What the True Path is Not - Printable Version

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What the True Path is Not - Solve et Coagula - 01-24-2011

What the True Path is Not


Recognition of what is not will always facilitate the realisation of what is. Experience is the greatest teacher, and the universe is designed in such a perfect way that should one's actions go against divine law, then that person will know the pain of what is false in order that he may recognise and appreciate that which is righteous and true.

There are many examples in the world of what the True Path is not, and these, as demonstrated by the multitudes of naïve seekers who are wandering in the spiritual supermarket, are most prevalent today. A significant proportion of such spiritual aspirants manage to muster their will enough to forsake the pursuits of outwardly selfish and worldly aims, yet only in order to derive greater happiness for themselves, to attain liberation from personal problems, or to gain various other advantages. Thus, in following such personal desires they repeatedly fall into the error of the separated and limited ego, which necessarily leads them away from the Truth, for the Truth is necessarily impersonal; in embracing all life the same, it can never be captured or hoarded for the personal self alone.

It may be appreciated that pure artists who create for the love of their work are often more firmly planted upon the right road than spiritual aspirants who may fancy that they have removed their interest from self, but who have in reality only expanded the limits of their experience and desire, and transferred their interest to the things which concern their own larger span of life. Such misguided seekers seem to forget that if they are to attain the greater heights of spiritual success, then their search cannot be made for their own sake. It is an inescapable fact that in order to know real spiritual fulfilment, one's own little self must be forgotten, for in self-forgetfulness liberation is experienced: liberation from the separative ego, which is the source of all pain and sorrow. Now, if the self has been forgotten altogether, then one cannot be thinking about when or how that self should be set free, what kind of happiness it will have or what type of ascended master it will become!

An ancient occult maxim affirms that energy follows thought. As all manifested life is composed of energy, that which is focussed upon by the mind grows. Having identified that it is the separated self which is the cause of all suffering, it may be clearly seen that to focus upon that self at all is to perpetuate its isolated existence, thereby protracting the quest for liberation. All desire binds, however high or holy may be its objective, and until the grasping desires of the ego are purified in the light of Wisdom and natural, selfless dedication to further the purposes of the Greater Life, no real freedom or happiness can ever be experienced or enjoyed. In fact, true and complete happiness must include the happiness of those around us, and ultimately also that of each and every living thing with which we are inseparably connected.

Selfish orientation, doubt, fear, ignorance of universal law, etc. all contribute toward the personal cloud, which befogs one's perception of Reality and so prevents the unenlightened from reading the secrets from the Book of Nature, which lies permanently open all around us. Nothing is or can ever be hidden from us except by our own self-imposed limitations. However, as we evolve from our preoccupation with the very limited personal self, our reality grows progressively broader because our expanding perceptions are able to behold more and more of the divine grandeur, loveliness, interconnectivity and magnificent all-pervading Intelligence of the Greater Self. As far as humanity is concerned, therefore, limitation is synonymous with selfishness, whether that selfishness be worldly or religious. Dogmatism, blind faith and self-seeking religiosity do not constitute the True Path.

In being unresponsive to the needs and feelings of others, the habitually self-centred person is necessarily cut off from the greater part of life. Thus, they are unable to experience love, and are therefore invariably unhappy. There is but one great enemy on the road to the realisation of one's own divinity and corresponding happiness, and that is one's own egotism. Upon the True Path we can never truly retain something that we are unable to give away to another person who may benefit from our gift of love, and we can never be free of the thing that we endeavour to hold onto only for ourselves, for we then become enslaved by it. The True Path, then, has nothing whatsoever to do with the ego-self.

So What is the True Path? - Solve et Coagula - 01-24-2011

So What is the True Path?


There is an old dictum that warns: "Never trust anyone who proclaims that they have found the only way that leads to God". When considering the multifarious techniques of spiritual discipline that have been prescribed and successfully practised throughout history, the foregoing statement may appear to be quite correct. However, a deeper investigation by an informed mind that is able to elevate its thinking to a higher turn of the evolutionary spiral will reveal that its veracity only applies up to a certain point of spiritual attainment.

It is an immutable certainty that while there most certainly is freedom from the constricting laws of the lower self, there is no freedom from the divine Law of Relationship and from constant interplay between person and person, soul and soul, life and life. The greatest joy to be found in relationship with others is in helping them; real, spiritual happiness - or joy - may be found only in helpfulness, and all of life's many and diverse roads eventually converge upon the one Path of Service. The reasons for this will be made clear by the following elucidations.

It has been repeatedly averred by all the religious teachings and enunciations of the great spiritual luminaries throughout mankind's history that individuality is really one with the Whole; it has been clearly pointed out that the belief in the illusion of an isolated self and the consequent indulging thereof is the cause of all separation and therefore suffering. Furthermore, should we pause to reflect upon the obvious fact that an infinitely larger portion of the Cosmos exists apart from the little self, then we are likely to appreciate the relative insignificance of that self as well as the enormously greater substance, magnitude and import with regard to all that is not of the personal self. With this in mind, the seemingly separate individual might recognise the wisdom in never having any interests that are opposed to the universal laws that guide and govern all of Creation. Of course, the selfishness of egotism is diametrically opposed to one such law: the sacred Law of Love, and so, just like one's own shadow, trouble will necessarily follow the transgressor of that law. Yet the plain truth is that in helping others lies our own greatest good, and spiritual aspirants are most truly progressing when they assist the progress of others. Such is the way of Love, that glorious cosmic principle under which the creation of each and every one of the innumerable worlds throughout Infinity is made possible, and as the divine force of Love itself silently permeates them all. The very quintessence of the universe, then, is Love, and it is Love, therefore, that must be embodied and expressed by each individual life at some stage during the course of its growth before the gateway leading to the True Path of Return may be traversed.

"He who counts his life of so much worth that he would give it not in
willing sacrifice to save his brother man, is worthy not to enter into Life." - Jesus.

Now, Love has an inseparable relationship with Truth, for Truth seen becomes Love expressed. The spiritual heart can never be truly and permanently satisfied until the experience of Love and Truth is shared perpetually with other manifestations of the One, and it may be recognised, therefore, that the way of loving service is the True Path of Holiness (wholeness) for which all other spiritual disciplines are but preparatory. This can be easily verified by due recognition of the historically recurring fact that all the greatest spiritual masters, saints and true teachers of the Way have trodden the most noble path of selfless service. For such enlightened ones it cannot be otherwise and, in time, it will be so for all humanity similarly, as each individual recognises the Truth and so chooses to walk that same Road that has been graced by the hallowed feet of those who went forth before them to claim their own spiritual freedom.

As the Heart of Cosmic Being progressively unfolds itself through each soul in accordance with the universal and irresistible divine decree of spiritual evolution, as mankind necessarily ascends to greater heights of virtue and holiness, and as consciousness is inevitably elevated and sanctified throughout numerous incarnations of learning, each personality must necessarily become more divine, as a greater realisation of the sacred essence of life is attained. This innermost essence - or Spirit - is the true nature of everything seen, sensed and yet to be discovered, and its most sublime expression is Love, which ever seeks to express itself in compassionate service.

Eternally, Love seeks to flow through all things, to touch other parts of itself, to kiss and to merge in sacred reunion. As the nature of mankind is spiritual, the Way of Love must eventually be found by each and every person, and it is only upon this path that the chalice of the heart becomes so full and overflowing with the ambrosial nectar of divine Love that it simply cannot be contained and there is always more than enough to be joyfully shared with everyone. Love is a most natural expression, and its passionate and enrapturing song is ever-waiting to spring from any open heart upon the path of selfless service.

A taste of even the tiniest droplet of pure Love forever impresses its divine nature within the heart, and when we begin to penetrate into the reality of the One Great Principle that pervades, loves and serves throughout the infinite universe, we shall be naturally disposed to attune ourselves with that magnificent law, and thus, in Love, we shall gladly embark upon the way of spiritual service. In fact, as our awareness is illumined by the light of Truth, we shall find that the sanest choice in life has been made automatically for us simply by our reverential surrender to the omnipresent, loving Will of Creation. A gently hushed and transcendental voice deep within ourselves will then whisper its sacred and profound yet simple secret to our waking consciousness, and we shall remember the wonderful Truth. At this blessed hour we will realise with the utmost felicity that we have at last struggled away from the mass of seekers of the Path and onto the Path itself. The battle that we have blindly waged against the loving current of evolution in our service to ourselves will finally come to an end as the real spiritual adventure that embraces the ever-expanding delight of renouncing the lower self for the True Self - the divine Spirit - will then begin, in service to the world.

Since everything in the universe is interconnected, such a personal realisation becomes an immeasurable blessing to all life, and particularly to those forms with which the awakened individual comes into contact, yet the greatest spiritual benefit is bestowed upon the one who has become enlightened by the simple Truth. Their unprecedented good fortune includes the liberating revelation that instead of identifying themselves as a separate and struggling individual, alone in a competitive and hostile world, and instead of hopelessly striving for self against the ever-forward-flowing stream of life, they may now, with lucid recognition, consciously co-operate with Divinity as an integral part of its purposeful evolutionary intelligence, like a healthy cell in a great organism. This they may now do without hesitation because they have penetrated the veil of forgetfulness and remembered their own true, loving and compassionate nature by contacting the Spirit within. In such precious recollection, the exquisite perfection of Creation is revealed to them and a supreme and undying trust and confidence is born from an inner knowing which transcends the most pure and ardent religious faith. Before tear-filled eyes of spiritual elation and with unsurpassed gratitude, the blessedness of Existence then proceeds to unfold itself to the humbled beholder. In the subsequent attainment of a new and habitually reverent attitude toward all things, their every thought, feeling, word and action become sacred as their whole life is naturally consecrated to the Divine. Consequently, and at each moment, such a one is elevated by the Law of Recompense and, with the greatest joy, draws progressively nearer to complete remembrance and spiritual fulfilment.

At this stage it becomes apparent to the illumined mind that every deed that is performed with a pure and unselfish motive always yields favourable results for everyone concerned as it creates positive causes that subsequently reverberate forth along the corridor of time and on into a brighter future. Such is the enlightened understanding of a saint, yet that which is regarded as 'enlightenment' by many is recognised by those who see and know as just the beginning of an eternal and sacred journey. Enlightenment is not an end-product or result, but a continuing process of cumulative remembrance within the supernal light of spiritual reality, and such is the divine heritage of every sincere servant of Life. Enlightenment is a never-ending and joyful process of spiritual unfoldment, discovered only through the giving of Love to others; a Love that resides within the heart of every single soul in the world and can never be found by any outward grasping. Indeed, once something of the unbound unity and limitless nature of Creation has been understood, the notion of seeking to attain Truth, enlightenment or spiritual power for oneself alone is recognised as being wholly absurd. To the contrary, upon the dawning of true understanding, we shall gladly accept the one supreme honour, become most happily acquiescent in humbly taking our rightful place amidst the shining ranks of the Hierarchies of Servers throughout the multifarious spheres of the universe, and begin serving as we are able by starting from right where we are, as all the Great Ones have done before us.

Now, many aspirants in the world today believe that great spiritual benefit may be gained by practising certain meditative techniques and the like. While this may be quite true for those who are able to discipline themselves over a long period of time, these same adherents often overlook the fact that the most accomplished meditators have always emerged from their solitude in order to extend their meditation in service to the world. Theirs may be said to be the most supreme meditation of all, for it reflects the One Great Eternal Meditation which endures within the Universal Mind itself, and has done ever since the blueprints for the Cosmos were conceived, i.e., even before its creation: a very long time indeed. Thus, the meditation of service appears to have been quite adequately tried, tested, successfully demonstrated and so verified as being a most pre-eminent practice, and this certification has been made by a rather higher Authority than any teacher upon Earth!

When one embarks upon the True Path of spiritual service and converges all one's energies upon it, progress is ensured without a single thought for self, and with remarkable ease when compared to one's previous struggle and limitation in the world of the separated ego. Indeed, one's own spiritual advancement becomes enormously accelerated due to such self-forgetfulness. When a person's free will is applied in accord with the divine Will, the rewards for all efforts made are multiplied exponentially because they are rendered in perfect alignment with universal law. Therefore the advancement of the individual will not be by arithmetical progression, i.e., 2, 4, 6, 8, etc., nor even by geometrical progression, i.e., in the ratio 2, 4, 8, 16, etc., but by powers in the order of the ratio 2, 4, 16, 256, 65536, etc.! Such is the grace bestowed upon all servants of the Divine Plan as they proceed upon their ministry of joy. This is due only to the fact that they have offered themselves up as humble instruments for active service, thereby setting up favourable causes which must create their corresponding positive effects.

The perfect examples of our saints demonstrate clearly that the True Path requires an unconditionally altruistic disposition that necessarily and spontaneously produces active service. The divine Spirit works through all such truly loving endeavours, no matter how seemingly mundane or trivial one's activities may appear to be. As Saint Theresa of Calcutta said, "It is not the things that we do which count in the eyes of God, but how much love we put into doing them".

The Law of Love may seem paradoxical, for Love must be given in order to be received. If we would not lose a divine gift that we have gained, then we must give it away, and the impulse to serve selflessly springs from such spiritual understanding and from a genuine love of humanity and of life. Upon the path of spiritual progress, this impulse eventually becomes the overwhelming goal of all, and a growing proportion of the planetary population is today swiftly moving toward a desire to be of service. Such a benevolent attitude constitutes truly illumined understanding and reveals that in order to elicit real wisdom and its corresponding emancipation, one has to reach it through the whole of life, through an inclusive awareness that only unconditional Love can awaken. True understanding begets pure motive that will allow the divine Spirit to operate through the prepared instrument - the personality - effortlessly, appropriately and joyfully in every moment. It is altruism - never egotism - that leads the aspirant to merge the lower self in the Universal Self, and it is to the aforementioned requirements - necessary to attain the One Goal - that candidates upon the True Path must devote themselves if they would court divine Revelation.

It may be seen, then, that the greatest blessing in the whole universe is the opportunity to serve, and the corresponding experience of spiritual realisation upon the receipt of divine grace has always been just a pure thought away for humanity. Yet the majority of spiritual aspirants upon Earth today have failed to grasp the essential key to the truly divine life. Within the higher worlds there exists an infinite reservoir of benevolent force that is always ready and waiting to be downpoured into the physical plane when a suitable channel is constructed via the personality. A strong enough feeling of perfectly unselfish devotion provides such a channel, the response to which would be a descent of divine vitality resulting in a great strengthening and uplifting of the creator of the channel, plus the radiating all about that person of a powerful and beneficent influence for the helping of all life, affecting most positively the consciousness of mankind. Such functioning as a voluntary agent of grace is a blessed honour indeed, and having awakened divine inspiration within, the person who has caught even the slightest fragrance of that manna from heaven becomes most naturally impelled to proceed with the greatest enthusiasm upon the True Path to serve others with a holy reverence made possible by a heart enraptured by boundless Love.

"Such is the sweetness of deep delight of these touches of God,
that one of them is more than a recompense for all the sufferings of this life,
however great their number."

St. John of the Cross

The Two Paths - Solve et Coagula - 01-24-2011

The Two Paths


There once was a devoted priest who wished to see both
heaven and hell, and God gave way to his pleading.

The priest found himself before a door which bore no name. He trembled as he saw it open before him into a large room where all was prepared for a feast. There was a table, and at its centre a great dish of steaming food. The smell and the aroma inflamed the appetite.

Diners sat around the table with great spoons in their hands, yet they were shrieking with hunger in that terrible place. They tried to feed themselves, and gave up, cursing God, for the spoons that God had provided were so long that they could not reach their faces and get the food to their tongues. So they starved, while their dish of plenty lay amongst them. The priest knew their screams were the cries of hell, and as this understanding came, the door closed before him.

He shut his eyes in prayer and begged God to take him away from that terrible place. When he opened them again, he despaired, for the same door stood before him, the door that bore no name. Again it opened, and it gave onto the same room. Nothing had changed, and he was about to cry in horror. There was the table, and at its centre the steaming dish, and around it were the same people, and in their hands the same spoons.

Yet the shrieking had gone, and the cries and the curses had changed to blessings; and nothing had changed, yet everything. For with the same long spoons they reached to each-other's mouths and fed one another, and they gave thanks to God.

And as the priest heard the blessings, the door closed. He fell to his knees, and he too blessed God who had shown him the nature of heaven and hell, and the chasm - a hair's breadth wide - that divides them.

A Parable of Heaven and Hell - author unknown

IN THE SCHOOL OF LIFE there are two paths, and each and every person must choose to tread either one or the other. These two roads of learning have been accorded the names the Left-Hand Path and the Right-Hand Path.

The Left-Hand Path is the way of service to self. It comprises all self-seeking, including the quest for self-liberation and self-enlightenment. Through spiritual practises applied with a personally-oriented attitude, psychic powers and expansions of consciousness may be attained, yet no purity or holiness can ever be realised in this way, and this is why one of the greatest powers in the universe - Love - always eludes the seeker with self-interest, ultimately leaving them bereft of fulfilment and happiness.

It has been demonstrated since time immemorial that the Left-Hand Path is a most difficult and painful road, fraught with all the dangerous temptations that pervade and proliferate within the illusory world of the ego. The Left-Hand Path is strewn with potholes down which the shortsighted self-seeker may fall at any moment into an even deeper darkness of separation and suffering. If the traveller upon this path remains unillumined by the lamp of right-seeing and therefore does not presently choose to switch to the Right-Hand Path, in time it is likely that he shall develop a sombre interest in manipulating his environment solely for himself. The dangers are therefore certain upon the Left-Hand Path, for in his consequent sinking into greater self-obsession, and by thus promoting his own isolation and hunger for power, the self-seeker shall begin to attempt to control and exploit others, and may eventually embark upon the way of black magic. So it may be clearly seen that the Left-Hand Path ultimately leads to evil.

Evil bears within itself the seed of its own destruction because its transgressions go against the natural, inclusive and upward flow of Evolution, which must triumph, for such is the purpose of Creation. It may be recognised, therefore, that any selfish thought is analogous to the planting of an evil seed or the fostering of an existing evil tendency that must ultimately lead to misery and self-destruction in the invincible wake of cosmic forces, which are ever engaged in service to the Universal Intelligence. Ghengis Khan, Hitler and Stalin demonstrated perfectly the typical consequences of following the Left-Hand Path.

Conversely, the Right-Hand Path - the way of true spiritual emancipation - is by far the most easy, joyful and quickest road leading back to the Kingdom of God. In every race and nation, in every clime and part of the world, and throughout the endless reaches of time, back into the limitless past, human beings have discovered the way that leads to liberation through helping others. They have trodden the True Path gladly, accepted its conditions, endured happily its disciplines and exemplified its virtues. They have rested back in confidence upon its realities, received its rewards and, through its verities, they have realised the One Goal of spiritual Deliverance. Discovering that most cherished prize, they have entered into the Joy of Heaven, participated in the mysteries of Paradise, dwelled for a while in the glory of the divine Presence, and then always have they returned to the ways of the world, to serve. The testimony to the existence of this path is retained in the priceless treasures of wisdom left behind by its witnesses who successfully transcended all desire for the personal self, and who consequently penetrated into the ever-expanding world of true meaning and divine purpose. Lord Buddha, Jesus, the Piscean Christ, and St. Francis of Assisi all walked upon the noble Right-Hand Path.

Due to the inherent divine solidarity that is always present amongst those who live in harmony with the benign Forces of Good, the person who sincerely treads the True Path is automatically aided and protected throughout life's vicissitudes by the invisible benevolence of ever-attending divine Guides. Conversely, the person upon the path of service to self is much more prone to random 'accidents' and setbacks; they may find no haven from the gales and tempests of life's often seemingly cruel conditions. This is one reason why the Right-Hand Path is so much safer and expeditious for everyone upon their return journey back into Oneness.

Comparing the two paths, it should be understood that there is a very great difference between those seeking after personal mystical experience, and enlightened spiritual seekers who, in their sincere and selfless commitment to the greatest good of all, offer themselves in service to others as an integral part of their quest. By contrasting the ultimate results of the two paths, it may be observed that there is a very marked distinction indeed between a sorcerer and a saint. Sorcerers, who may have acquired unusual levels of expanded psychic awareness and who are therefore able to exhibit certain powers, often pose as holy masters in order to manipulate others and to gain greater power for themselves. Saints, however, never have a thought for themselves, and utilise 'miracles' only when absolutely necessary, and then solely for the benefit of others. A love of humanity and, indeed, of all living things is an innate quality of the person who treads the Right-Hand Path, and such a benevolent attitude constitutes the truly enlightened mind.

Enlightenment, as it is known to many, has for eons been regarded as the highest goal of mankind. It is a term that has been applied to all those assiduous personalities who have attained permanent divine-contact. Communion with Divinity is facilitated by adequate preparation and purification of the lower vehicles of consciousness; namely the mental, emotional and physical sheaths, which compose the personality of the individual. Once this worthy spiritual objective has been accomplished, the Light from Above is able to express itself unimpeded down through all three of the lower planes just mentioned. Divine-contact, then, is but the first stage of enlightenment, without which further spiritual progress is impossible.

Selfless service automatically invokes the attention of Divinity because charity is an inherent attribute of the divine Nature. Therefore, the quality of goodwill is all that is required for the divine Spirit to be contacted, subsequently shared and thus the first joyous step to be made upon the Right-Hand Path, which leads to the enlightened state. Perhaps the most soothing balm and inspiring truth today for a confused humanity is that the Everlasting Road that leads up through all the heavens and on into Infinite Beauty shall be found eventually by everyone. However, this inevitable discovery may be greatly hastened by the fostering of two elementary virtues: true understanding and right attitude.

RE: The Two Paths - Dunamis - 01-24-2011

Man, you can't just make three threads back to back with excerpts from the same book. That really is spamming. Thus, as they are all on the same topic (i.e. different paths) and simple Copy & Paste jobs from the same book, I am merging the three separate threads.