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Abu Dhabi weather project 'creates man-made rainstorms' - TriWooOx - 01-02-2011

Quote:Scientists employed by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, president of the UAE and leader of Abu Dhabi, successfully created more than 50 rainstorms in the state's Al Ain region last year, mostly in July and August when there is virtually no rain at all. It is believed to be the first time the system has produced rain from clear skies.

They have been using giant ionisers, shaped like giant lampshades, to generate fields of negatively charged particles, which create cloud formation.

In a company video, seen by The Sunday Times, Helmut Fluhrer, the founder of Metro Systems International, the Swiss company in charge of the project, said: "We are currently operating our innovative rainfall enhancement technology, Weathertec, in the region of Al Ain in Abu Dhabid. We started in June 2010 and have achieved a number of rainfalls."

RE: Abu Dhabi weather project 'creates man-made rainstorms' - yeti - 01-03-2011

RE: Abu Dhabi weather project 'creates man-made rainstorms' - Naturalmiztic - 01-10-2011

Hopefully there will be a proper Earth Charter in the future between nations as there are reports of people playing with weather. Local changes does impact on global weather patterns. Metrology is identifying these interconnected weather and climatic events. But its also the same for pollutants in the air/atmosphere and water systems. The Earth's diverse ecologoical balance really depends on the everyone to do something but unfortunately for the majority there's a small minority with the majority of monetary wealth and impact upon existing damaging systems that won't step up and make the changes today.