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10 years to life - California Racist - 12-18-2010

I face 10 years to life in federal court for growing marijuana for old people even though i had a permit to do so by the state of California. I have been into ConCen for longer then you would believe. Do not ever suspect that you are beyond the conspiracies of the federal government. I have learned the hard way and my wife and newborn will suffer because of it. I only wish I had the balls to bring attention to this travesty. Please enjoy your time innocently downloading and enjoying the media that this website's tracker has to offer you, maybe you can think about it all in prison one day. Your friend - "Erik"

RE: 10 years to life - rsol - 12-18-2010


RE: 10 years to life - Deathaniel - 12-18-2010

Thanks for the advice ERik, I will if i ever hit the pen enjoy it as what else would i enjoy in there?!?!?! the 5 Star meals or the Beautiful "gals" what a shit 4 brains!!!!... was prob something other on his comp he got pinched for, ...or for selling weed,,, fool. only to friends and family... the Sprint sales plan keeps one step ahead of John law!

RE: 10 years to life - h3rm35 - 12-18-2010

I'm sorry to hear of your plight, Erik. What makes you think your activities on concen had anything to do with your arrest?

RE: 10 years to life - h3rm35 - 12-19-2010

no response? fear mongering?