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Hi - SonnyCrack - 10-31-2010


RE: Hi - icosaface - 10-31-2010

Welcome to ConCen, SonnyCrack.

(10-31-2010, 04:59 AM)SonnyCrack Wrote: ClapClap

RE: Hi - Riley Martin - 11-01-2010

Welcome to ConCen Sonny

RE: Hi - FastTadpole - 11-02-2010

Welcome to the forum SonnyCrack check the tracker if you haven't met its acquaintance - but ignore the trolls

RE: Hi - Mami - 11-02-2010

How you doing Sonny, welcome to the funny farm.

I caught Robbs show with Chris White and you were hilarious.

Sounds like you had a few to many drinks in ya to do a talk show, but hey we've all done stupid shit while intoxicated so don't take this the wrong way.

See ya around.