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Global Warming/ Climate change? - junebug0000 - 10-19-2010

I was listening to a Coast2Coast radio show with a guy who wrote a book called about what the world will be like in 2050. I can't think of the name. One of the overarching topics was climate change. It got me thinking, since he said that it is a done deal in the science world (as far as the facts proving climate change).

I was wondering is there a RELIABLE place to find actual real facts? The IPCC data has been called into question. The hackers releasing the emails and then some other organization said they were irrelevant. Anyways, I was wondering, is it actually happening?

I was living in Southern California and for the most part, the summer was below the temp averages and when I had moved to Europe, I recently was told we will have one of the coldest winters ever for my region.

I have listened to Alex Jones rant about this topic many times and I am a skeptic of everything since you can't trust anyone that you don't personally know well (my opinion). So, is there an unbiased place to find real facts that haven't been called into question?

RE: Global Warming/ Climate change? - FastTadpole - 10-19-2010

Comprehensive New and Improved CRU Email Search

Bishop Hill:

Mike's Nature Trick

Perhaps the most damning evidence is in the source code comments:
CRU Emails “may” be open to interpretation, but commented code by the programmer tells the real story
; Uses “corrected” MXD – but shouldn’t usually
; plot past 1960 because these will be artificially adjusted to look closer to
; the real temperatures.

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Christopher Monckton - 35 Inconvenient Truths [2007.10.18]

Christopher Monckton on Climate Change

Climategate: Caught Green-Handed PDF

Do a search you'll find plenty.

Now global caps and carbon taxes, subsidies, carbon dioxide stock market casinos, monitoring, energy usage laws, development laws, carbon credits (not for you but for corporations) and global governance aside AGW is only a theory. A theory propped up by data that is known to be cherry picked fake data and is massaged into computer models. A theory that squashes opposition. A theory that is propped up my most bought and paid for media and education systems as fact. A theory that ignores natural producers of CO2 such as rotting biomass that produces over 10 times more CO2 than humans play a hand in. The effects are proven to be largely exaggerated or at the very least baseless. Warming and increased CO2 can actually have positive benefits.

There is no way to discern amidst all this subterfuge whether this theory is based on any solid fact. I'd need to presented a study with increased scope, transparency to be convinced that warming anthropomorphic or otherwise is actually occurring.

If it is proven true we can adapt. We can move to where the effects are largely positive in nature. Humans have proven this here in Edmonton I manage to survive in temperatures ranging from -40C to +40C annually.

In the meantime if anyone out there is of the greenie persuasion pick a real environmental issue to take a stand on. GMOs, pollution, electromagnetics or factory farming to name a few. There are plenty more - pick one.

RE: Global Warming/ Climate change? - junebug0000 - 10-19-2010

Thank you for the links...I read up and as I believed...There is more evidence to back up that the little facts there are, are part of a sun cycle. I was sort of confused by the actuality that Coast 2 Coast had a guy on that showed that there would be climate shift to the northern countries.

I had heard some bs about how more snow and rain and cold weather was because of hot weather, which really doesn't make that much sense. However, we should keep out environment clean, and not trash our cities and pollute...

I remember one physics class I was in about 4 or 5 years ago. The teacher was explaining that it was pretty much impossible for humans to cause global warming. He calculated the total mass of everything that humans have ever created since the beginning of known human activity and compared that to the mass of the earth. The mass of human man objects came to less than 0.001% of the mass of the Earth.

Kind of shows how powerful mother nature is...goes back to the George Carlin thing that if the Earth wanted us gone, it could shake us off like fleas...

RE: Global Warming/ Climate change? - dicktater - 10-19-2010

I believe this is recent Monckton piece that ran during AJ's moneybomb and without interaction with AJ:

Lord Monckton Interview on NWO-Climategate

Special Lord Monckton Interview: Scientific Misconduct Needed to Push Nwo Objective 1/5

See also:

RE: Global Warming/ Climate change? - FastTadpole - 10-19-2010

Quote:The mass of human man objects came to less than 0.001% of the mass of the Earth.

I did not know that, but it should be noted that although humans quantifiably don't produce a lot relative to the mass of the earth we can manage to mess things up pretty nicely at times. There is a fine line between utilizing the Earth's resources and exploiting them akin to a gang rape of the planet.

Solution: refuse to buy products that go against what you deem a responsible utilization as you see it. That includes products purchased on your behalf (government).

As for Monckton I am wary of this guy because of his affiliation not to mention he is a Lord and Knight of Malta. That said I haven't found fault in what he has presented on the AGW debate yet. The Bishop Hill site and Steve McIntyre are far more qualified, thorough and bounds more objective than Lord Monckton on the science. Monckton could go a lot deeper but for some reason he doesn't which leads me to believe he is controlled opposition to some degree.

There is spin, exaggerations, cherry picking and lies on both sides of the debate but it's rather obvious why one side is given much more of the money and power as it leads back to interests that seek to gain more control over the world, it's resources and it's inhabitants.

edit: Oh and I heard the C2C show this morning. A globalist fear peddler chanting the "don't think, act now before it's too late!" mantra. His flooding data was refuted outright and is based on old IPCC/Al Gore theatrics which even the IPCC had to backtrack on. Florida will not be underwater anytime soon.

Once you've had your fill of the science bit (read both sides) and you do your own math maybe look into the money and power motives if you can stomach it. We've posted LOTS on that angle too.

RE: Global Warming/ Climate change? - junebug0000 - 10-19-2010

Good point. I believe part of the reason we are facing ecological problems like the oil spills, weird weather, and other climate and geological issues is because humans are messing around with something we don't fully understand yet. We have yet to reach the deepest parts of the ocean and something like 90% or 95% of the universe can't be seen with the human eye, even with advanced microscopes or telescopes. It seems we are causing our own destruction because we are too cocky. Look how long it took to get the well in the gulf under some control, and yet the disaster will haunt us for decades! It is kind of a two sided coin. We cause our own destruction because of our mess, but we don't cause global warming or climate change or whatever the latest term for it is.

RE: Global Warming/ Climate change? - FastTadpole - 10-19-2010

[Image: tower.gif]

It's in the cards.

When humanity builds its tower too high to loom over the Earth and act as its king and conqueror.
To attempt to touch the gods or to be gods - you will be struck down as you were before.

RE: Global Warming/ Climate change? - junebug0000 - 10-19-2010

I was reading a post about how modernization and industrialization causes cancer. I recently moved to an extremely rural area with about less that 1% of the population of the area I came from. I was living in the city that was noisy and polluted. Even then I had a small garden because it is like a give and take relationship with earth. You give these plants like and they give you food and health.

I noticed that being around real nature has made me happier and more relaxed. I visit the city once in awhile. I wish people would respect their surroundings more. I mean, I think people like to be in clean places, drink clean water, and have clean streets, and healthy children. It all depends on us to fight people who destroy our environment and our health.

I live in Slovakia ( I am an American) close to the border with Hungary. On the news they were showing how the head of the aluminum plant let a whole area of villages be devastated because of his laziness. It ruined a lot of lives and he was arrested. Unfortunately, you do not see this kind of thing in the United States. People who ruin lives and environment in which we live should be held accountable for their actions.

Like the BP disaster, no REAL punishment was handed out. There are people who will suffer the consequences for many, many years because of power peoples' poor choices. People will no longer be able to go to swim in a clean area with their children. Business were destroyed. Lets not forget that animals were killed too. For what reason? This actually negatively effected the economy outside of oil. It depleted clean fish resources.

I wish those guys really had to pay back 100% of the damage they did and then some for their greed and poor decisions. If I did that, I probably would be facing life in prison. I think that more Americans should be more vocal, unfortunately there are a lot of zombies out there who do not educate themselves.

RE: Global Warming/ Climate change? - FastTadpole - 10-19-2010

Ancient Civilizations: Almost No Trace of Cancer - Cause Related to Industrialization

Well that was assumed. Perhaps the galactic / solar cycle has something to do with it. Attitude plays a large role I believe. I hardly think that ALL industrialization is deemed the culprit for cancer. Take out the radiation (coal, military, cell phones ..), EM, plastics, GMOs, drugs, processed foods, chemicals in air, food, clothes, water, homes ... OK I guess that IS industrialization as we know it.

Development do not have to be this way. The way of conquest has ruled our innovations in recent history. Conquest of nature is destruction of ourselves since we are a part of nature, no matter how superior the ego tells us it is. A more symbiotic path can be chosen. Grow a garden, live in a mound, ride a bike, walk on the morning dew barefoot and/or get a toast-r-oven.

RE: Global Warming/ Climate change? - FastTadpole - 10-28-2010

Try original thought on for a change or at least quote your regurgitated source. You don't have to spam - you choose to be a sellout Archer / Archerbot.

The IPCC AR4 and the entire global scam warming is part of an is a heavily financed dishonest sales pitch for Global Governance, Gaia Worship, Wealth Transfer and ultimately human enslavement / managed development and growth based on a pathetic display and manipulation of the scientific method, combined with social engineering and bribery on many levels.

Time has slipped by and now is our best change to change this plotted course and carve out our own.

"Go ahead, close your eyes. But I'm sorry to tell you that when you wake up you're going to feel guilty for things you have done or said. Some of it you won't even remember, it'll just be a blur and you're going to wonder if you'll ever going to feel like the person you used to be again." ~David Telford SGU

.. or what you could have been if your actions were not dictated to you by someone pulling your strings by waving around some fiat. Have some integrity for yourself, if not for anyone else. Stop prostituting yourself and whoring out your services like a cheap hooker.

Rationalize it all you want - but that's the truth bitch.

Oh and welcome to the forum. Hope you learn something of value during your stay.

RE: Global Warming/ Climate change? - junebug0000 - 10-28-2010

Thanks for the info!

RE: Global Warming/ Climate change? - icosaface - 11-20-2010

Bullshit, global warming hasn't been shown to exist. All that is going on is a money\ power grab. As Fast Tad said, they want global governance and a vastly reduced population. Soon they will tell us that we can't afford to survive because the banksters won't authorize the creation of money for us. They are turning on the dark.

Welcome to concen, wake up!

RE: Global Warming/ Climate change? - rsol - 12-04-2010

(11-20-2010, 08:47 PM)icosaface Wrote: Bullshit, global warming hasn't been shown to exist. All that is going on is a money\ power grab. As Fast Tad said, they want global governance and a vastly reduced population. Soon they will tell us that we can't afford to survive because the banksters won't authorize the creation of money for us. They are turning on the dark.

Welcome to concen, wake up!

Iso i think you are right AND i think hes right. just because its used to further an agenda it makes better sense to use something real. You assume that just because it can be used as a method of control, it then ALL has to be horseshit. I think this is a logic knot.

RE: Global Warming/ Climate change? - CSIWEMBLEY - 12-04-2010

Global Warming is natural, NOT MAN MADE !!

RE: Global Warming/ Climate change? - icosaface - 12-04-2010

No rsol, I assume that if they had proof that, (AGW), what they are trying to sell actually exists then they would splatter it all over the media. Instead they have cooked the books, refused to let anyone audit them and are now busy trying to change the name of the game to climate change ( there is no uncooked data which supports the contention that catastrophic anthropological global warming is happening ). They are in obfuscation mode.