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for POTHS fans: an alternative re Bible prophecy - ZeroCenter - 08-28-2010

from flamin:
How about a learned, alternative school of thought re bible interpretation? Is that "BS" because it comes to an alternative conclusion?
Usually don't like discussing biblical doctrines, because it is one of those 'impolite' subjects. But the topic of eschatology happens to be one I spent over 6 years of my life on. So forgive me for sharing because its hard for me to leave that investment on the shelf.
The problem with applying the bible out of context (i.e. out of the time it was written) is you can make the colorful allusions to apply to a variety of events in the news.
If you have an interest in an alternative view, I found these two books the most helpful in finding the truth re Bible prophecy:

Paradise Restored, by David Chilton -

Days of Vengeance - An Exposition of The Book of Revelation --

More free books on the subject:

RE: for POTHS fans: an alternative re Bible prophecy - hilly7 - 08-29-2010

Thanks, got it bookmarked and will check it out.

RE: for POTHS fans: an alternative re Bible prophecy - ZeroCenter - 09-03-2010

While I'm no longer a 'bible-thumper', I do find value in it. Took me a lifetime to free myself from a book so distorted by men over the centuries.
Freeing my mind from furturistic expectation of bible prophecy fulfillment was one step toward seeing the larger truth. When we let the book define the context in which the prophecies were to be fulfilled, there isn't one that wasn't completed before the end of the 1st century A.D. This is called the "Past fulfilled" view, otherwise known as Preterist.

You can find more at the Intl Preterist Association -

I could put up a FAQ our study group put together about 6 years ago that dealt with many of the major issues students of bible prophecy seem to have a problem with when they are first confronted with the idea ALL prophecy was fulfilled in the 1st century.
Attached is a 2 page flyer we put together as an alternative view to a Historicist prophecy seminar that came to town. Has cartoons, illustrations, and the main ideas that unlock the secret to discovering the time contexts that limit when a prophecy can be fulfilled.