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September Clues 2008 - nik - 08-19-2010

RE: September Clues 2008 - drew hempel - 08-19-2010

September Clues Busted!

RE: September Clues 2008 - nik - 08-19-2010

that september clues busted video is real poor and the guy sounds like he comes straight out of M15. As far as debunking the points raised in September Clues it is weak and ignores MOST of them completely.

If you think it is a worthy and or convincing debunking video then my commiserations to the demise of your critical faculties, Drew

September Clues is the definitive video presenting the "insane" No Planes Theory on 9 11
Here's 'Bob Borski's' eyewitness statement:

Quote:Bob Borski, 32, a financial director at the AIG insurance organization, with offices six blocks from the World Trade Center, was standing on the 15th floor with his boss, watching as the first tower burned. Then he saw United Airlines Flight 175 heading for the second tower.

It just doesn't fit into your mind -- I'm used to seeing planes and helicopters disappear behind the building. And then they come out the other side. But this was so low and it literally disappeared into the building. You think, well, what would that look like? Would it bounce off? But it's like the building swallowed up the plane. It was a swift explosion, it wasn't resounding. It was boom -- like a door shutting. Quick and loud. That silvery shiny plane, just going right into the building -- I'll replay it in my mind over and over.

"strangely" enough, here is his 'video artist' brother in law's' blog entry from 2006/09/01:

Quote:It'll haunt me to the day I die. I have only told a small handful of people this story for the obvious reason: I scarcely believed it myself; Why would I expect anyone else to? But since I do have one eyewitness, I'll relate it to you.

On the night of September 9, 2001, I gave my brother-in-law, Bob Borski, a ride from Goshen NY, where he was visiting his daughter, Olivia, to his apartment in Brooklyn. At exactly 10:30 PM, we drove right by the World Trade Center. I used to live in New York City in the eighties and had been down there many times since. But this was the first time I had been that far down town at night in well over ten years. I remember thinking that I had forgotten how beautiful it looked, up close, illuminating the Manhattan night. As I looked up at it through the sun roof, I related to Bob my fear of another terrorist attack. I speculated that two or three privately owned DC 10 air crafts, their aisles filled with 55 gallon drums of gasoline, would take one or both of those towers down in a matter of minutes (I never, for the life of me, even considered hijacked passenger planes). While Bob was open to the possibility of the means he was, for good reasons, skeptical as to the ends:

"Those buildings are pretty sturdy, Tom".
"I don't know, Bob", I said, "Enough fuel would melt that steel skeleton like butter".

Two days later, on the morning of September 11th, when my sister, Carol, woke me up out of a sound sleep with the news that a plane had crashed into the Twin Towers, I knew at that instant that it was terrorism.

Are these statements "clean"? I think they are "over coincidental"
[url=]Jim Fetzer interviews no planers Reynolds, Grable, Haupt and Carter on June 4, 2010 in tribute to Gerard Holmgren, RIP [/url]

RE: September Clues 2008 - nik - 08-19-2010

Mitre Corporation, CFR, CIA, Rand and System Dynamics

RE: September Clues 2008 - h3rm35 - 08-19-2010

Friedl, @ about 39 minutes in matches most closely so far with what I saw personally.
let's cut this apart with Occum's razor for a second...

One can look at any video footage that has been released and say that it's been doctored. I can completely concur with the fact that it seems that way - all of the evidence points in that direction. The video footage of the twin towers looks doctored, and in fact the only footage that looks remotely similar to what I saw was the one classified in this film as "the ball."

Isn't it possible, that the most convincing shit that TPTB could come up with aheads of time was fed to the networks because they weren't given the exact time-line and demanded footage of the "most important moment in televised history?" Considering their ties with the MIC and propaganda value to the military exploits that followed (that jacked up everybody's ratings that backed the attacking force,) wouldn't they have some pull? So they were kept in the dark about the exact timing and details of what was to happen, but were rewarded with embedding in the death and destruction for years after the fact? I know nothing for sure except that I watched a commercial-looking aircraft fly into the south tower. The footage on TV may have been doctored in order to remove anything that actually surrounded the impacts. It's amazing to me that no-planers think that TPTB would allow for any actual footage to show up if they managed to override every aspect of the crashes themselves - who's to say that any of the footage that aired on 9/11 was actually filmed on that day? You either trust the footage or you don't.

I know a plane hit the south tower, so I know that there's something wrong with the idea that no planes ever came in contact with the WTC.

I also know that everything we had relayed to us through official channels was bullshit.

See the difference between me and a no-planer?

For the record, I lean towards no flight 93, and no plane @ the Pentagon. Then again, I wasn't there, so I can't know for sure.

I do know that myself and many others saw a plane hit the south tower. People died. It was tragic. Degrading that by putting any faith in the presentation of that day by the media that's done everything they can to deny any type of conspiracy beyond Al-Qaeda is disgraceful.

RE: September Clues 2008 - nik - 08-20-2010

"See the difference between me and a no-planer?"


RE: September Clues 2008 - h3rm35 - 08-20-2010

I'd love to pick up the soundtrack...

RE: September Clues 2008 - nik - 08-20-2010

I'm sure you understand what I mean by that short and simple statement. I am not going to elaborate on it or dissect your post and compare it to the textbook because I can't bothered with the obligatory shitstorm it no doubt would cause on the board.

People are "free" to think whatever they want, I know what I think and that is that my initial instinct was correct but I am more than confident that many others on the board would disagree and get emotionally fraught about the subject.

RE: September Clues 2008 - Hans Olo - 08-20-2010

Oh there was a plane AT the Pentagon, it's just that no one witnessed the plane going IN to the Pentagon Smile

The TV images were doctored, no doubt about it.

RE: September Clues 2008 - nik - 08-20-2010

I'd go one step further than that and say the critical images were fake rather than doctored.

RE: September Clues 2008 - drew hempel - 08-20-2010

Debunking September Clues -- 27 page pdf

RE: September Clues 2008 - nik - 08-20-2010

"with a forward by Anthony Lawson" says it all. I'll read it - although there has been 3 years worth of research since this document was made -- and there is no contention that "no planes were involved whatsoever" which is a VERY misdirecting canard to open with.

RE: September Clues 2008 - nik - 08-21-2010

(08-20-2010, 07:40 PM)drew hempel Wrote:

Debunking September Clues -- 27 page pdf

Drew, with all due respect -- that is laughable as a "debunking". Are you seriously contending that that pdf in any way seriously "disproveseachand every point" as they claim??? it is a sham work and clutching at straws.

I can well imagine, since you can post the last two pieces you have as "serious debunking pieces" with apparent earnestness, that you think they are of merit! flimsy!!!

The research at the September Clues website HAS NOT BEEN DEBUNKED. I can well imagine you are just another of the truth movement, as I also was, that has not even looked into the actual research and instead has assumed it is rubbish and nonsense because that is the popular line.

I recommend spending a week or so actually reading the last almost nine years of research distilled that is waiting there for you to become aware of. with respect.

The problem seems to be that people are successfully placed under the hex of a taboo.

It seems people can read a crap so called debunking paper, which is highly dubious!, but don't have the nerve, compunction nor bravery to read of the actual research that is apparently "so easy" to debunk.

The "debunking paper" declares itself "conclusive" -- how arrogant and patently false! It utilises infant rhetorical tricks as a mainstay! If you look -- you will see that their site have been undertaking methodical, repetitiously rigourous and no doubt excruciatingly dull appraisals of the available data using the scientific method.

This pdf, to be frank, is wholly of a lower standard and is blown out of the water.

I was going to try and find and represent the corresponding investigations of "each and every debunked point". But what the hell, this pdf doesn't even get close to the level of their research. It certainly does not merit that amount of investment. Did I say that already? No matter, it bears repeating.

It seems to me, that none of you that are willing to immediately pipe up and say there is no case seem to have the even the faintest idea of what the actual research constitutes.

Nor what had been undoubtedly PROVEN in the matter. You don't even know what that might be -- because you OBVIOUSLY haven't looked into it.

Stay in your dark caves in dittoville and amass in pillory queues against these researchers, thats fine Rolleyes

RE: September Clues 2008 - crystal - 08-21-2010

With video, sound and language it is very easy to convince the whole world what happened on 9/11 However,its all second hand evidence.
There were real witnesses that day.
September clues is a very worthy documentary. There are so many the truth gets lost in the noise and manipulation.
And I wonder where those animators are now? Somwhere in Holywood or retired with their blood money?

RE: September Clues 2008 - nik - 08-21-2010

different witnesses to the same event reported seeing and hearing different things just as the TV footage tells a number of different stories...

I like the part where some of the witnesses have been proven to be actors and actresses

same with 7 7 -- if you havent already --have alook at the september clues site to read up on the ones that have been noted from that particular "theatre of events" and the emails sent to places like channel 4 about such things..

I think the animators are either dead or paid off and quiet as mice for fear of being made dead. jmo