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RE: DMX "The Industry" - mastermg - 08-10-2010

I dont see it here but this is it

Check this out too, its hilarious haha!!
Coincidence or not? These are lyrics from Tupac-Killuminati song

"We started out drinkin 40's, moved to harder s**t
God damn now I'm a grown man, I follow no man
nigga got my own plan, and it's called Killuminati"

DMX said nearly the same thing in the second youtube video!

RE: DMX "The Industry" - mastermg - 08-10-2010

I dont know dude, it seems none of the youtube videos are working here for me anymore. My my flash player is screwed up or something.

Where my dawgs at haha I forgot all about that!

I heard Eminem's new songs in the album signify him breaking away from the industry as well, if you read the lyrics between the lines.

Ed: No nevermind, he's talking about drugs. Emininem is still with the industry.