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Zuesse-WHY the Holocaust Happened-Its Religious Cause&Scholarly Cover-Up(2001) - redgonzo - 08-09-2010

This is Eric Zuesse's mindblowing book WHY the Holocaust Happened - Its Religious Cause and Scholarly Cover-Up (2001) which documents the astounding thesis that the influence of Catholic church and Christian religion inspired the Nazis and actually caused the Holocaust in World war 2. The Bible is history told as religion tells it. WHY the Holocaust Happened is history told as science tells it. No longer is the challenge to the religious account just Copernicus and Galileo--the Bible got the cosmology wrong. No longer is the challenge to the religious account of Darwin and Mendel--the Bible got the prehistory (i.e., evolution) wrong. Now it is history itself that is at stake; the final fig leaf covering the old myth is ripped away; and what stands exposed this time is rape. People's minds have been raped by a false historical account; and now we know why it lied, and that the Holocaust was the result. There is not much new to say about Hitler, right? Wrong. By carefully studying Hitler's early writings--something no one else apparently has done--Zuesse arrives at a completely new and profound view of the Nazi period and the holocaust. This is the first work ever to examine the thousands of pages of Adolf Hitler's personal notes, letters, and statements to intimates and supporters, in order to answer the question: Did Hitler himself explain, to himself and to those in whom he confided, why he was so obsessed to exterminate "the Jews"? It turns out that he did but did not intend that the general public--especially not his enemies--know his reason. He explained it only in private notes and letters, and in communications with those he considered "my people," never to oponents or to potential opponents. And he certainly did not want his victims--those he was planning to exterminate--to know the reason for their fate. He furthermore was cunningly expert at controlling the understanding and misunderstanding of himself. Even to his intimates, he parsed out his plans, and their reasons, only in small, isolated, pieces, so that no one could be his master; only he could be master. Since he would let no single individual in on the full picture, he remained safely in command, and in control. Hitler also hid, even from his supporters, the source of his theory behind the Holocaust. He credited that book of "History" only in his private notes. However, in conversation in his war bunker near the end, he bragged about how, as a child, he had become "complete master" of that book of "History." Hitler's Holocaust theory strung together over a hundred passages from that "History" book. Unfortunately for the millions of innocent victims, Hitler, on the basis of that "History," believed as true an enormous number of falsehoods; and he acted on the basis of those falsehoods. "The Monumental History of Mankind" which Hitler credited in his private notes at the very moment when he entered politics in 1919 in order to carry out his theory for the Holocaust, was the Bible. WHY the Holocaust Happened explains how the anti-Semitic lies that inspired the Holocaust found their way into the New Testament. For the reading public, for institutions and for scholars, alike, this fascinating book is a wake-up call, a call for all responsible people to acknowledge the religious motivation for the Holocaust and to use that awareness in the interests of assuring that it never happens again. The long scholarly cover-up of these matters is also documented and discussed. 350 pages. A must read for everyone.


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