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Corporate News Fails Us Again, "Gulf is Kill Zone," Humans and Wildlife Used as Guine - mexika - 08-05-2010

Yes, Agenda 21 seems to be taking place with BP and The Gulf Oil Leak. It seems like government is not doing anything about it. We are not only being attacked economically, War Mongering, Fear Mongering (Immigration), but also through Chemtrail poisoning in the air, Sea, Lands, and even Educcationally deprived? What gives? All of America seems to be a MadHouse..... We can list so many crimes being perpetrated by Corporations, instead of a NEW WORLD ORDER - IT SMELLS LIKE A NEW WORLD DISORDER; CHAOS! What is next, an attack from outer space? Oh, yea solar flare, Niburo or flying donkeys from outer space, maybe even real aliens from another galaxy instead of down south Mexico... What a freaking joke.. FtwDrownAngry021

NWO last scream: Alien

Corporate News Fails Us Again, "Gulf is Kill Zone," Humans and Wildlife Used as Guinea Pigs
Alex Thomas
The Intel Hub

Today, on Democracy Now, activist Jerry Cope stated that there has been a tremendous cover up to conceal the whole situation from the public. Remember, even the corporate news has complained about the restrictions around the beaches. What has BP been attempting to cover up?

In and around Orange Beach Alabama, a massive amount of people are sick from the toxic mixture of oil and Corexit9500. Cope stated that Orange beach and Gulf Shores Alabama are, "kinda like ground zero." Doctors are lost in the wind when it comes to the proper treatment for the chemical rape of the people in the Gulf region.

Numerous fishermen have stated that a very large scale operation took place to cover up the loss of marine life. BP, along with multiple federal agencies, have literally gathered up the carcasses of the dead animals and disposed of them; at the same time, the corporate news continues to report that wildlife exposure to toxic chemicals has been relatively minor.

Workers at the "source" reported that the sea was literally FULL of animal carcasses. Unreported by the fraudulent media, the carcasses eventually disappeared!
Jerry Cope and his team spent two days flying over the Gulf and from what he has seen, the whole Gulf is a strange greenish color, with nothing moving, wildlife is virtually non existent! This would indicate that not only are thousands of people sick, but a vast amount of wildlife throughout the Gulf has either left or been killed.

Corporate news has enthusiastically declared, "75% of the oil has dissipated." This criminally negligent reporting on the part of these so called news outlets must not go unpunished. The media is supposed to play an important part in our society by providing the checks and balances needed to keep our government honest. When they fail to do so, not only are they failing at their job, they are jeopardizing thousands of lives.
Meanwhile, in Louisiana, a dive team has found oil, under their feet! That's right, in a scene similar to the beaches around the Exxon Valdez spill, oil has been filmed spewing out from underneath the beach.

Oil companies, using their corporate puppets in the mainstream news, have been documented leaving spill infected areas to basically rot while at the same time publicly declaring that they did everything possible in their cleanup efforts.

People need to understand this; the oil has NOT dissipated! The stated purpose of Corexit9500 and other dispersants of the same nature is to push the oil under the water. In fact, Professor Ian McDonald of Florida State University has gone on record stating that 40 to 45% of the oil is currently caught up in underwater plumes.

Everyday it looks more and more like Agenda 21 is playing out before our eyes. The plan to kill 80% of the world's population has been put into overdrive, with the Gulf being a major part of the overall plan.

RE: Corporate News Fails Us Again, "Gulf is Kill Zone," Humans and Wildlife Used as Guine - icosaface - 08-05-2010

Grim, very grim.