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BP Spill Safe, effective solutions ignored - hilly7 - 07-19-2010

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Safe, effective solutions ignored
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Three great unsolved mysteries of the BP oil spill:

1. Why are BP and the Coast Guard (which claims to be in charge) NOT catching the oil when it is out at sea and instead apparently letting it come ashore instead?

2. Why are they ignoring safe, proven methods for catching oil which would not only protect the Gulf coast but also allow the oil to be sold as a source of revenue to fund the cleanup?

3. Why are they spraying hundreds of thousands of gallons of the extremely toxic material Corexit which only "solves" the problem cosmetically while creating problems many more times severe?

You would almost think that:

1. They want the oil to be wasted and not recovered.

2. They want the oil to hit beaches and create hysteria.

3. They want to create a highly toxic environment in the spill area and beyond.

I tend to watch what people do, not what they say and I find the deliberate incompetence baffling and somewhat mysterious.