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Pink Slip Obama - NickHedge - 06-23-2010

I have noticed in the last 4 to 5 days a commercial running on the radio referring to a site called "".

According to the commercial you can go to this site and buy "Pink Slips" to fire Barry. You can buy as many as you want and when they are all sold they will be sent to Barry and he will be thrown out of office. How stupid is that? Not that stupid actually when you think about it in the proper perspective.

(Of course, make no mistake, he won't be thrown out of office, but you will be made note of.)

Normally I post links to whatever it is that I am referring to so that people know that I am not talking out of my ass. But I will not post a link on this. Why you ask? For one very simple reason that will also include why this commercial is not stupid.

If the regime wants to know who is against it, what would be an excellent way of doing that? Putting up a site that looks radical, sounds radical and promotes the very thing that anti-regime people would want. It caters right to them in ever sense of the word. Charges them money and takes down their information (to be used against them at a later time of course). How much better to learn who the dissidents are. Very clever of you regime.

So I am posting this thread to let everyone here know that the site exists and if you want to risk it you can go to the site (which most definitely is logging IP's) and check it out for yourself.

Good Luck Dodgy

RE: Pink Slip Obama - FastTadpole - 06-23-2010

If Obama's actually gets ousted one way or anther they have many people ready to bend over and have a bankster's hand slipped up their colon to be their new puppet.

Latest word is that Biden will step aside (or jump ship to distance himself from the economic collapse) to let Hillary Clinton be the VP. Interchangeable, replaceable parts. Operation Pinkslip, Impeach Clinton for blow jobs, Bush Obama movements are moot IMO. The systems need replacement not the people that are propped up in them. Not to say they aren't complicit in it and guilty as hell of extortion and murder.

RE: Pink Slip Obama - Deathaniel - 06-23-2010

hm huh!

RE: Pink Slip Obama - NickHedge - 06-23-2010

Spaceman has already told us how Barry will exit office. Astrologically it is predicted that the 44th won't survive office (for those that believe in that). I happen to have seen enough astrological predictions come true to give this one credibility. Spaceman is right more than he is wrong. My guess is Barry won't survive his first term due to powers beyond our mortal control.

With that being the case, the chain of command goes like this: President, VP, Speaker of the house. So if the Pres falls, the VP steps up, if the VP falls then the Speaker steps up. Beyond that I don't know what it is.

Rahm Emmanuel WILL BE Speaker of the House by the end of the year. The drive bys say that I am crazy but I am telling you it will happen. Watch and see. Pelosi is going to step down and do it all of a sudden. Word that Emmanuel will take over has been talked about all over DC since late last year. The only people this is sudden news to is THE SHEEP.

PinkSlip wants to know who the dissidents are.