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Happy Birthday h3rm35 - TriWooOx - 05-25-2010

Happy birthday!!!


RE: Happy Birthday h3rm35 - Easy Skanking - 05-25-2010

A very happy and green birthday to you!

RE: Happy Birthday h3rm35 - April - 05-25-2010


VERY Happy Birthday h3rm35 !! Weeee
Hope you have a rockin day! Grin

I've found your participation here to be outstanding.... and I totally appreciate all the information that you have brought to our community. Thanks for sticking around with us! It's been swell..... hope you have a terrific day! Icon_biggrin

[Image: happybirthdayh3rm35.jpg]

RE: Happy Birthday h3rm35 - yeti - 05-25-2010

Have a good birthday, Hermes.

RE: Happy Birthday h3rm35 - SiLVa - 05-25-2010

Have a great one dude. Much love to you and yours on your Birthday.

RE: Happy Birthday h3rm35 - mastermg - 05-25-2010

Happy birthday dude!

RE: Happy Birthday h3rm35 - Deathaniel - 05-25-2010

best time of year for a b-day too, hope you had a good one, i got a keg i'm still working on for mine Wink hope you got something as equally on your wish list.

RE: Happy Birthday h3rm35 - --- - 05-25-2010

all the best.hope it was agood one.happy birthday h3rm3s

RE: Happy Birthday h3rm35 - FastTadpole - 05-26-2010

Happy birthday h3rm35! Have a splendid day.

[Image: HermesBust-l.jpg]

RE: Happy Birthday h3rm35 - h3rm35 - 05-26-2010

thanx everyone, I am still having a great time... most of the day was spent on a dmtrek through the redwoods... got some people over now...

thanx for the art (really fits my mood right now), and admiring my bust...

never thought I'd type that.

RE: Happy Birthday h3rm35 - April - 05-26-2010

Clap Icon_biggrin

Glad to hear you've had a nice born day herm.... good for you! Icon_cool Live it up. Smile