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Checkout this new Comic Book - Weyland - 05-14-2010

Armageddon Now Series

Armageddon Now! Is a graphic novel series that revels the hidden message of Biblical prophecy in a fresh contemporary manner. The reader will be riveted by the world-class graphics, “ripped from the headlines” news. A team of heroes discovers the mystery of Orion’s constellation as it relates of the future of mankind.

After thousands of years a clock begins to tick. The final countdown for mankind has begun. The springs have been tightly wound for thousands of years. Over those years the world has witnessed horrific destruction, wars and mayhem. The past is only the primer for what is come!

The story begins with a terrorist attack on New York City and Los Angeles. Woven into the fabric of all sever novels is the mysterious connection of the constellation Orion, which is painted on the ceiling of Grand Central Terminal in New York City. Only the most knowledgeable would notice that Orion holds the club in his right hand instead of his left. And few would know the significance as it relates to M4211. Following the attack on America, a confederacy of nations advance on Israel. The confederacy suffers a massive defeat when they met with an earthquake, the death angel, hail, fire and brimstone.

A political figure, Saduj, rises to power in Great Britain, who is later reavealed to be the Anti-Christ. Unusual circumstances bring together a team of super heroes who will solve the mystery of Orion as it relates to the end of the World. Saduj is secretly building a DNA file on Jews worldwide, which he intends to turn over to an Islamic terrorist organization.

An ancient tribe known as the Scythians resurface with a mysterious connection to the Nazi SS. Ancient rituals and genetic engineering are wed in such a way that baffles the imagination. The appearance of the 144,000 leads many to reject Sadju as god. Thousands of people are beheaded for their refusal to accept the mark of the Beast. The earth experiences plagues, wasrs and famines that reduce the population of the world. Economic systems collapse. The nations rally to gain control of a world that is spinning out of control. The mystery of Oriion is unraveled in the final pages of novel seven.

RE: Checkout this new Comic Book - --- - 05-14-2010

weird, i though the Scythians were related to the Hyksos ergo "the chosen few" as oppose to the "master race"..same thing, different folk, i guess.

sounds like a dangerous mind melter in the wrong hands