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What is a True Manchurian Candidate? - NickHedge - 04-29-2010

I like to think of myself as "relatively intelligent". I like to think that. But sometimes there happens a situation where I get schooled. Last night was one of those times. I wanted to share this with the board in case there are those who may be thinking the same as I. There might not be, but then again there might be. Anyway....

I was having a conversation with one of my co-workers last night and we were discussing some of the things that are going on right now and the term "manchurian candidate" was mentioned. The guy rolls his eyes and makes mention of the fact that most people throw that term around without ever thinking about what it really means.

That of course caught my attention and I asked him to elaborate on the true meaning. This is what he told me.

He asked me if I had ever watched the movie "Manchurian Candidate" (the original version). I said sure, who hadn't. He asked me if I knew what the movie was about. I said yeah, and thought "why ask a stupid question like that". Then he asked me: "Who was the manchurian candidate"? I said Raymond and asked him where he was going with his questions. He proceeded to ignore that question and continued on.

The next thing he told me was that I had no clue as to what the meaning of the movie was really about. I laughed and told him to "hip me up on the way things really are". Here's how the schooling went down.

1. Who were the communists considered to be?

A: Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, etc.

2. Why did they call it "Manchurian Candidate"?

A: Because it had to do with Manchuria?

3. What is Manchuria?

A: Manchuria, hmmm....not sure (let's look it up)

*A: Manchuria is a historical name given to a vast geographic region in northeast Asia. Depending on the definition of its extent, Manchuria either falls entirely within the People's Republic of China, or is divided between China and Russia.

4. At that time the Russians and the Chinese were what?

A: Communists

5. What was the point of the movie?

A: Raymond was a mind-controlled killer

WRONG! The correct answer is Mrs Iselin's rise to power.

He proceeds to explain...

The manchurian candidate was Mrs Iselin. She was Manchuria's candidate for the presidency. Johnny was to be installed in order for Mrs Iselin to see that their (Manchuria's) interests were represented. Raymond was only a tool to ensure Johnny's (who was only a puppet) installation, being controlled by Mrs Iselin. Johnny, being a necessary puppet since women could not be elected. Mrs Iselin was the Manchurian Candidate. You do not have to be "installed" into office in order to control it. Much like ancient times when Kings ruled the countries but they were ruled by the Queens (who ruled the Kings).

Hence you have the following:

Raymond Shaw - Tool
Johnny Iselin - Puppet
Mrs Iselin - Manchurian Candidate

A manchurian candidate is the person in the position of power. Find out who is in control and that is your manchurian candidate.

I was stunned after that conversation. I could not believe that I had not caught the most obvious message. I realize you can watch a movie repeatedly and always come away with something else that you have inadvertently missed. But to have watched that movie so many times and not have caught that was stunningly embarrassing. But now I have a new take on things and that helps me.

Most people will always refer to manchurian candidates as being people who are mind controlled, robotic, expendable individuals carrying out the plans of the elites. How wrong we are, how misled we have been.

My co-worker then asked me if I had seen the newer version and I replied that I had no real desire to see it. He smiled and told me that the only real difference with the two movies were the that the newer one used the "Manchurian Corporation". He went onto say that the newer movie was utilizing the fact that instead of pushing a political attitude they pushed the corporate attitude. Other than that it was basically the same story. But the corporate story line was more in line with what is going on today with corporations being in control.

That changed the whole night for me. But it gave me plenty to think about and actually changed the way I view alot of things.

Thought this was worth sharing.