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Well, Well, Well - No Arrests in DC Protests - NickHedge - 03-21-2010

How interesting that there were no arrests in DC yesterday for the HC bill protests. The same cannot be said for the war protests that were happening down the street (led by Manchurian Candidate Cindy Sheehan).

But back at the HC bill protests, there was spitting and people being called queer (Barney the Frank), and nigger (Barry and the black politicians). Along with physical gestures that were less than "positive" and "affirmative". But yet no arrests. I find that fascinating. Almost telling.

It wasn't like there weren't police everywhere. They were there protecting the politicians as they left the building going to their vehicles (black SUV's). So it wasn't like the cops weren't out in force.

But the question begs to be asked "Why no arrests".

I would tend to think that if you spit on a federal official that would constitute "assault" or a form thereof. I wouldn't know about hurling foul language and threats. But from history we know that if you say "F You" to a cop he can arrest you for "assault". Well a cop is a state and/or federal employee depending on what type of "cop" he is. So if you can be arrested for a verbal slur being "assault" then I would think that would surely apply to a politician who is also a federal or state employee.

So, this begs the question of what or who was really behind the protests and why were none of the people arrested? Sounds like a planned event to me. More than just people getting together to protest. Sounds like maybe something a little more strategically planned.

It wouldn't be the first time something like this happened.