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Maine: Voters Approve Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Measure - Easy Skanking - 11-07-2009

Quote:Maine: Voters Approve Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Measure

Augusta, ME: Voters decided on Tuesday in favor of a statewide ballot proposal expanding the state's decade-old medical marijuana law.

Nearly 60 percent of state voters endorsed Question 5: the Maine Marijuana Medical Act, which amends existing state law by: establishing a confidential patient registry; expanding the list of qualifying conditions for which a physician may recommend medicinal cannabis; and by allowing for the creation of state-licensed nonprofit dispensaries to assist in the distribution of marijuana to qualified patients.

The measure was opposed primarily by law enforcement agencies, including the Maine Prosecutors Association and the Maine Chiefs of Police Association.

Tuesday's vote marks the first time that citizens have voted specifically on the question of allowing for state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. Two other states, New Mexico and Rhode Island, have previously passed legislation allowing for state licensed marijuana distribution centers.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are presently operating in California and Colorado, but these operations are not licensed by the state.

In 1999, 61 percent of state voters approved the physician-supervised use of medical marijuana. However, the law did not establish a state identification registry for qualified patients, nor did it address regulating the distribution of medical marijuana.

Under state law, patients with a doctor's permission may legally possess up to two and one-half ounces of marijuana and/or up to three mature marijuana plants for medicinal purposes.

For more information, please contact Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director, at (202) 483-5500, or visit:

Maine: Voters Approve Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Measure - hilly7 - 11-07-2009

Good for them. Dr hilly is about to prescribe himself some medical use as well.:D After 20lbs lost in just what... 6 weeks give or take, I see no reason why not. It's been over 30 years.

We have to keep this evil plant from becoming legal, after all, look at the lost revenues. No one plant that I know of has so many beneficial uses to mankind than this or poses a bigger threat to TPTB than this one plant. It's not the tax they are afraid to lose, it's the power. Easily grown and abundantly produced at low cost with the "green" effect. Al Whore should love that, lol.

Just think of the uses it has. No need for deforestation for paper. Replace the chemicals used for many things, cars, etc... Less anti-depressants. Less hostility. No need for polyester or other synthetic materials used in many things, clothing just being 1 example. One could go on and on about the uses it has in addition to medicinal.

OK, my rant for the night....

Maine: Voters Approve Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Measure - Easy Skanking - 11-07-2009

Dr. Easy's second opinion corroborates Dr. Hilly's prescription.:)I also agree with you on all your other points. The current situation, with the exception of about 14 states, is completely insane. It's only partially insane in those 14. LEGALIZE IT!

Sounds like it's been a rough one. Glad to see you around again.:)

[Image: Nov07015126AM.jpg]

Maine: Voters Approve Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Measure - hilly7 - 11-08-2009

Thanks. I'm not back yet, just missing coming here to my extended family. Hopefully I'm 1/2 way through it though. Next week is catch a break week, the hell again, lol.

I'm thinking it would make a nice addition to the Sunroom foliage, so I request that as well and will hopefully see tomorrow.:D