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Illuminati Symbolism and 9/11 In Movies - Apocalypso Now! - 02-26-2010

RE: Illuminati Symbolism and 9/11 In Movies - cope - 02-26-2010

Nice video, very interesting.

RE: Illuminati Symbolism and 9/11 In Movies - Apocalypso Now! - 02-26-2010

this is interesting too:


Kris Millegan
Mon, 17 Apr 2000 20:19:44 -0700

Click Here: HREF="">JAMES


In the James Cameron Conspiracy Theory, it was symbolically proven that James
Cameron, director of the Terminator films, Aliens, the Abyss, True Lies and
Titanic is a 33rd Degree Freemason. In the tradition of Freemasonry, 33rd
degree Masons have access to priveleged information regarding the workings of
world events and knowledge that is hidden from the public.

After being instated as a 33rd Degree Freemason in a brief ceremony before
the Academy Awards on March 23rd, 1998 in the Shrine Auditorium in Los
Angeles, Cameron has spent his free time being initiated into the secrets of
the fraterinity and being assisted by other 33rd Degree Freemasons. Recent
events prove this for a fact.

On Thursday November 5th, in Houston, Texas, the Loews Cineplex Spectrum
theatre hosted an event marking the debut of TheatreVision technology in that
city. TheatreVision technology allows blind persons to listen to a narration
of events taking place on the screen in-between moments of dialogue and
during action sequences.

The event was arranged by RP International, a charitable group that helps the
blind. Three of the films screen during this event were "Titanic", "Quest for
Camelot" and "Mulan". Titanic began running on the projectors at 3:33 PM.

Attendees at this event included the founder of RP International Helen
Harris, who's organization combats retinitis pigmentosa a degenerative eye
disease, director James Cameron and former President George Bush. This event
was part of a Theatre Vision "Festival of Light" to bring this technology to
theatres across America. After the charity event, Cameron and Bush were both
at a private banquet at the Houston Country Club.

Why is the presence of George Bush so significant? It's known that George
Bush was the former director of the CIA in the 1970's, Vice-President to
Ronald Reagan during the 80's and President of the United States from 1988 to
1992. But it's also known that Bush is a 33rd Degree Freemason, member of
both the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission and a
member of the Harvard fraternities known as the "Skull and Bones" and "Scroll
and Key".

Another interesting revelation in the James Cameron Conspiracy Theory is that
MK-ULTRA mind control technology, developed by the CIA in the 1950's was
embedded into Cameron's films from the beginning of his career to the present.

MK-ULTRA came to an end in 1973 on orders from then CIA Director Richard
Helms. After Helms left the CIA, George Bush became director under President
Gerald Ford in 1974. According to Freedom of Information Act Sources, Bush
had many files relating to MK-ULTRA and mind control technology destroyed or
hidden under a new project name called MK-SEARCH.

When Cameron began his film career at age 30 in the late 1970's, he was
already a member of the Freemasons from the age of 21, possibly introduced to
the fraternity by his father, Phillip Cameron. Since a group of Freemasons
helped Cameron finance his film projects while they secretly embedded
MK-ULTRA technology into his films, it's logical to conclude that the person
controlling MK-ULTRA technology under project MK-SEARCH at that time was none
other than George Bush, Director of the CIA and a 33rd Degree Mason.

Which brings us back to Houston, Texas, November 5th, 1998. Titanic began
playing at 3:33 PM. The timing of the showing of Titanic is symbolic because
of the presence of "33" in 3:33 which would be symbolic of 33rd Degree
Freemasons who timed the event.

According to Helen Harris, Titanic was the "first" film in Theatre Vision in
which the director has described his own work. In the conspiracy theory about
Cameron, it described how Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron, the father of MK-ULTRA
would record his voice and play it to patients as a form of mind control.
Could James Cameron's voice overs in Titanic be used for the same purposes,
for mind control?

Theatre Vision theatres provide special head phones to the blind which allows
them to listen to the film and the voice overs describing action. Harris had
also stated that people who aren't sight impaired are using the headsets
provided and don't put them down. Perhaps a clue to the power of subliminal
voice patterns being introduced into this technology? Could this be the
reason George Bush attended this event, to see the fruitition of a new
generation of MK-ULTRA mind control technology being used on the unsuspecting

Eventually, the plan of Theatre Vision and Helen Harris is to embed this
technology into every motion picture in theatres and on video. Harris
described the introduction of this technology to the film industry as "an
enlightening experience". An obvious Freemasonic reference, which may make
Harris a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, the Freemasonic women's

The adaption of the motion picture business to cater to the needs of the
sight impaired is a noble cause, but is it being twisted for alterior
purposes behind the scenes by 33rd Degree Freemason George Bush as part of a
conditioning process to prepare the public for the coming New World Order?

Since Freemasonry consists of two factions known as the Law of One and the
Sons of Belial, the struggle for the outcome of the future is constantly
being fought between them. James Cameron has been proven to be a member of
the Law of One by his actions in the James Cameron Conspiracy Theory and that
his early career was nearly taken over by the Sons of Belial who tried to
corrupt Cameron. While Cameron was writing the script for the film "Strange
Days", his research led him to the truth of his manipulation by the Sons of
Belial and his turning towards the Law of One.

The actions of George Bush proved which side he was on. He helped destroy and
change records regarding MK-ULTRA mind control technology back in the 1970's
as Director of the CIA. Bush is alleged to have been involved in the
smuggling of drugs from Central America to the U.S. in conjunction with the
Iran/Contra scandal from the 1980's and was the person who publicly uttered
the words "New World Order" in front of the entire world. It's obvious he is
a member of the Sons of Belial faction.

Another point that was made in the James Cameron Conspiracy Theory was the
use of MK-ULTRA in the motion picture field being used for the purposes of
conditioning the human race for the arrival of extra-terrestrials. Have you
ever wondered why the UFO craze began in the 1950's, a time that was only
three years after the crash of the spacecraft in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947,
a time when Joseph McCarthy was witch hunting suspected communists and early
MK-ULTRA research was being performed on unwitting human subjects by the CIA
in Canada? For the ultimate purpose of conditioning the human race to be
subjugated by a large event beyond their control, an extra-terrestrial
invasion that will bring the world into the New World Order as envisioned by
the Sons of Belial faction of Freemasonry.

In March of 1997, a large extra-terrestrial spacecraft appeared over Phoenix,
Arizona, more commonly known as the "Phoenix Lights". James Cameron was
inducted as a 32nd Degree Freemason at the main Freemasonic Lodge in Phoenix
and at this time learned of a "coming event" that will have serious
reprecussions for the city of Phoenix and for the world. The lights were
dismissed in the media by the Sons of Belial as "military flares". It's a
common tactic to cover up extra-terrestrial visitations as "military
experiments" and has been used since the Roswell crash in 1947.

This "coming event" was revealed to the Freemasons in Phoenix, Arizona as the
arrivial of extra-terrestrials who will betray the trust of humanity, destroy
the city of Phoenix and cause massive environmental changes all over the
Earth. James Cameron, as a 32nd Degree Freemason, wasn't supposed to know
this information, which explains why he was inducted as a 33rd Degree
Freemason at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles with an informal ceremony.
Cameron's induction took place in a small room inside the Shrine while
celebrities and movie stars were filing inside for the March 23rd, 1998
Academy Awards. Cameron would formally become a 33rd Degree Freemason at The
Supreme Council 33° Temple in Washington, D.C. on his birthday. Cameron had
hinted at what he knew when he accepted the best picture Oscar for "Titanic".
In his acceptance speech, he said the "future is unknowable, the unthinkable
can happen and that life is precious".

In regards to the arrival of extra-terrestrials and the destruction of
Phoenix, Arizona, the SETI(Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence)
Institute detected a signal in the direction of the star called EQ Pegasi in
the Pegasus Constellation in September of 1998.

The SETI institute dismissed the signal and no attention was paid to it until
an amateur radio astronomer named Paul Dore in England picked up the same
signal. A series of strange events ranging from a called off press
conference, a SETI denial and then support of the theory of the signal,
intimidation of Mr. Dore by the NSA and disinformation put out in the press
has been decoded with Freemasonic symbolism by Richard C. Hoagland of the
Enterprise Mission. This became known as the EQ Pegasus Saga.

According to Hoaglands decoding of this symbology, the name Pegasus is
symbolic of "death" and is represented by a "horse with wings". Hoagland
pointed out that many symbols dealing with Pegasus are used in corporate
entities have relation to this behind the scenes symbology including Mobil

In the James Cameron Conspiracy theory it stated that the name for the movie
"Terminator 2: Judgment Day" was symbolic of "destruction that is coming that
is beyond control". The film was distributed in the U.S. by Tri-Star
Pictures. Guess what their logo is? A white horse with wings. In symbolic
terms: "Pegasus" or death.

According to Hoagland's findings, an event will take place on December 7th,
1998 outside of Phoenix, Arizona. The exact location will be exactly in the
center of the state of Arizona, 30 miles west of Peson, Arizona on Turret
Mountain which is due east of state route 17.

According to Hoagland, these extra-terrestrials could very well be the same
aliens who built the complex at Cydonia on Mars and the Face on Mars and will
be visiting an ancient "Phoenix" that existed 300,000 years ago underneath
the present city of Phoenix. According to the third page of the James Cameron
Conspiracy Theory, these extra-terrestrials were survivors of an exploded
planet that existed between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. The planet was
known as "FENEX" the ancient name for Phoenix. These aliens founded the
ancient civilization known as "MU" in the American Southwest.

>From the decoding of Freemasonic symbolism in NASA and the U.S. Government,
Hoagland says this event will be the possible landing of extra-terrestrials
who won't be friendly and their arrival could turn out to be an "INDEPENDENCE
DAY" scenario for Phoenix, Arizona and will wake up the entire world to the
existence of extra-terrestrial life and will play into the hands of the Sons
of Belial Faction of Freemasonry who are working to bring in a New World
Order that will subjugate humanity.

People have been prepared for this over the course of several years by what's
known as the "MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL/HOLLYWOOD" complex. The existence of the
Military/Industrial/Hollywood complex has been proven by the use of
Freemasonic symbolism interconnecting the three of them.

Here's an example;

Two current films, "Apt Pupil" and "Urban Legend" are being co-produced by
two film companies, Tri-Star(Pegasus) Pictures and Phoenix Pictures. Both
Tri-Star(Pegasus) and Phoenix Pictures are susidiaries of Sony/Columbia
Pictures. You can see the obvious connection between Pegasus and Phoenix as
pointed out eariler. Major chains of movie theatres use the Sony Dynamic
Digital Sound (SDDS) system for their movies.

The symbol in the logo of SDDS is a tetrahedral pyramid. Tetrahederal shapes
are common place in the ruins on Mars in the Cydonia region and when a
tetrahedral pyramid is placed inside of a sphere with one point at a
pole(South in this case), the other three points are at 19.5 Degrees of
Laditude in the opposite hemisphere(North). The tetrahedral shape has also
been found by Hoagland to be in symbols for agencies of the United States
government, ancient Egyptian Mythology and in Freemasonic Symbolism.

The Sony Dynamic Digital Sound system is used in the Loews Cineplex Chain of
theatres. The debut of the MK-ULTRA technology via the Theatre Vision
technology, witnessed by George Bush and James Cameron, both 33rd Degree
Masons, took place in the Loews Cineplex 9 Theatre in Houston, Texas. The
MK-ULTRA technology, an offshoot of the MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL segment of the
"Military/Industrial/Hollywood" complex was used in a theatre using the SDDS
system, an offshoot of the "HOLLYWOOD" segment of the "Military/Industrial/Hol
lywood" complex.

Even Hollywood itself is symbolic. The word "Hollywood" refers to wood from a
Holly tree that is used for magic wands in occult rituals. Is it really any
accident that the biggest and best special effects company in Hollywood is
called Industrial "Light & Magic"?

Therefore this interconnection of symbolism between the U.S. Government,
Industry and Entertainment conglomerates proves the existence of the
"MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL/HOLLYWOOD" complex in a tetrahedral structure with
Freemasonry as it's most secret point at the apex(top).

With all of this Tetrahedral geometry, which originated with aliens who built
the Face on Mars and the Cydonia complex, being present within intricate
connections in a Military/Industrial/Hollywood complex controlled by the
Freemasons, don't you find it a little conveinent that one of James Cameron's
upcoming projects will be a tv mini-series on the FOX network about the
planet Mars? As Richard Hoagland says "...coincidence after coincidence after
coincidence". When does something stop being a coincidence and become fused
into reality as a new paradigm?

In short, the Military/Industrial/Hollywood complex which allowed James
Cameron to build his career and got him initiated as a 33rd Degree Freemason,
will be used to either bring in the New World Order or a Pax Humana.


On December 6th, a large snow storm appeared in Southern California and moved
into Nevada and Arizona. The storm dumped snow on San Diego, Las Vegas and
Phoenix and approached blizzard conditions which is very strange for this
time of year. This was too weird, even for the so-called "La-nina" event.

On December 7th, Richard Hoagland of the Enterprise Mission and Michael Bara
found several pieces of information in relation to the "landing" at Turret
Mountian. According to radar images, the snow storm had a circular shape and
completely surrounded Turret Mountian on December 6th into the 7th. There was
also a large ELF(Extremely Low Frequency) pulse at about 2:27 AM Mountian
Time (4:27 AM Eastern) that came from the vicinity of Turret Mountian. Also,
on December 6th, this strange snowstorm supposedly caused several roads to be
blocked including a four mile stretch of Interstate 17.

After reading Hoagland's and Bara's webpage posting on,
yours truly Daniel Perez had suspected that HAARP(High Altitude Auroral
Research Project) was responsible for the snowstorm surrounding Turret
Mountian. According to a book written by Nick Begich called "Angels Don't
Play this HAARP", one of the functions of this antenna array in Alaska is
weather modification.

The official "information" put on the website claims that HAARP is used to
study the Ionosphere. Naturally, there is no possible way for a snow storm to
stay stationary and rotate around a mountian for several hours. Artifically
there would be a way by using what is called Tesla technology

Late in the 19th century and early in the 20th Century, a genius named Nikola
Tesla had made many inventions that are predecessors to modern power
distribution technology which includes the concept of alternating current.
Alternating current runs every modern convience you use from your television
to your microwave. Tesla's other experiments involved using low frequency
longitutal waves to manipulate weather patterns around his experiments to
control the weather.

Tesla had planned to use this technology to help humanity, but was pushed
into obscurity when millionaire and Son of Belial Freemason J.P. Morgan, the
man who caused the sinking of Titanic, refused to finance Tesla's longitutal
wave experiments. Eventually Tesla's weather modification got the attention
of the U.S. Government. When Tesla died in 1942, his experiments and work was
confiscated by the U.S. Government and classified as top secret. Some of this
work is even speculated to have been used in the "Philadelphia Experiment" in
1943 to make ships radar invisible, the first use of "stealth" technology.

Through several U.S. Government programs this technology would make its way
into the laboratories of the U.S. Military's Research and Development. One of
the many projects that manifested out of military Research and Development
was the HAARP project.

After visiting the HAARP website, Daniel Perez discovered several Ionographs
that indicated there were several large pulses being transmitted from HAARP
during the time of the snowstorm and reached a very large peak intensity at
the time of the "landing" shortly after midnight Mountian Time at Turret
Mountian and during the ELF pulse at 2:47 AM The only ionograps that were
attainable were from the times near the ELF pulse. The ionographs closest to
the pulse weren't available as if someone did want them to get out even
though the graphs are publicly available information paid with our tax

This saga with EQ Pegasi has escalated with NASA accusing Richard Hoagland of
faking the Ionographs, even though they're from HAARP's own website. Here's
an intriguing question, if HAARP is run by the U.S. Navy, why would NASA be
screaming about faked data if they don't have any connections to this
particular project? From their reaction it's likely they do have "behind the
scenes" connections to the use of the HAARP system for modifying the weather
to cover-up any secret projects they are involved in. Not only that, if you
currently go to HAARP's website, all of the Ionographs between 17:15
Universal Time on December 4th and 11:29 Universal Time December 10th, have
been deleted. Are the insiders now destroying evidence?

With further research, Hoagland has discovered what Project Samson really is,
a hyperdimensional shield system to protect certain military installations in
the United States from bombardment from space. After several strange circular
snow patterns were discovered in radar images over a period of several days,
the snow patterns were correlated with the locations of several military
installations across the United States.

Project Samson also has a counterpart if the wording is reversed using the
Freemasonic technique of the inversion of words and numbers. Project Samson
can become the Samson Project. Strangely enough, there is a program called
the Samson Project, it's a missile defense simulator system being developed
by the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratories in New Mexico. The programming
scenarios for the Samson Project involves cruise missile strikes on Iraq. The
title in the program window is "God's Eye View" as if to symbolize the Great
Architech of the Universe in Freemasonry.

As of December 16th, 1998 President Clinton ordered the use of cruise
missiles and bombers on Iraq in a new Persian Gulf War to knock out Saddam
Hussein. Some are accusing Clinton of using the bombings as a "Wag the Dog"
scenario to stave off the Impeachment Vote in Congress, but what Richard
Hoagland found in regards to Defense Secretary William Cohen gives a
different answer.

The speech reversal that was done on one of Cohen's speeches back in April
with the reversed statements "December 7th" and "Project Samson" follows the
Freemasonic symbolism pattern that Hoagland has been mapping out in regards
to the arrival of extra-terrestrials. In other words, the present Iraq crisis
is being used by the Sons of Belial Faction of Freemasonry to cover-up the
arrival of their extra-terrestrial allies from Sirius for a possible
"Independence Day" or an "Armageddon" scenario to bring in the New World

All of these new developments picked up steam after something from the
direction of EQ Pegasi landed on Turret Peak near Phoenix, Arizona on
December 7th and that new documents relating to Majestic-12 and the
governments knowledge of extra-terrestrials were released on the Art Bell
show on the same day. Since it's known the Son's of Belial's ancenstors come
from the star Sirius, which is known as the Dog Star, "Wag the Dog" should be
known as "Wag the Sirius". By using Egyptian mythology, "Wag the Sirius"
becomes "Wag the Isis".

Symbollically "Wag the Dog" is a code name for fooling everyone's take on
reality. By transmuting "Wag the Dog" into "Wag the Sirius" and into "Wag the
Isis", it's very obvious that the Son's of Belial are trying to fool
everyone, including their own mothers because "Isis" is symbolic of "mother"
in Egyptian mythology. Their plan will symbolically fail because of that old
saying "You can fool the whole world but not your own mother".

In regards to the James Cameron Conspiracy Theory, the film "Terminator 2:
Judgment Day" was filmed at the time of the first war in Iraq in 1991. The
title of the film was symbolic of death and destruction that is yet to come
and the films distributor, Tri-Star, had a flying white horse as it's logo;
i.e. Pegasus or death. Lo and behold the day before President Clinton ordered
the latest air strikes for the new Persian Gulf War, James Cameron decides to
make Terminator 3 on December 15th, 1998.

This occured nine days after the manufactured snowstorm via HAARP weather
modification in Phoenix, Arizona on December 6th and the air strikes occured
nine days after arrival of something from EQ Pegasi in the Pegasus
contstellation on December 7th. Again there's the Pegasus/Death symbology and
the nine in the "nine days" is symbolic of "completion" in numberology.

Another symbolic connection has been found between Cameron's decision to make
Terminator 3 and Clinton's decision to attack Iraq. The name of the current
dispute is called "Operation Desert Fox". Some have linked the name "Desert
Fox" with Nazi General Erwin Rommel's nickname "Desert Fox". In the James
Cameron Conspiracy Theory, it stated that the Sons of Belial were responsible
for the political rise of Adolf Hitler and the creation of Nazi Germany. So
the "Desert Fox" reference obviously points to who named the attack on Iraq,
the Sons of Belial. According to news reports, Terminator 3 will be financed
by Twentieth Century Fox, another obvious "Fox" reference.

The Fox is a predatory animal related to Dog family. Since we made an earlier
connection between the "Dog Star" in Constellation Canis Major to Sirius,
it's another obvious reference to the Son's of Belial.

So if Operation Desert Fox involves the Military and Industry and Twentieth
Century Fox involves Hollywood, this shows obvious manipulation by the Sons
of Belial Freemasons at the Apex of the tetrahedral structure that makes up
the previously discussed "MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL/HOLLYWOOD" complex.

But did Cameron decide to make Terminator 3 himself or was there some
prodding from the Sons of Belial who are attempting to get Cameron to leave
the Law of One faction of Freemasonry and make him come back to their side?

and this too: