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Political 'Metal' - 'Punk' - 'Rock' - & Bands - JohnDoe1984 - 10-28-2006


As there is a political hip hop & rap thread here already I thought it would be nice to have one for Metal & Rock too!:)
So get posting your stuff here and start air guitaring! :D

Also if you like you can share with us the youtube videos too.

If you dont know how to post youtube videos on our forum
then simply check out this code - [ youtube ] [ /youtube ]
(Remember NO SPACES in the code this is an example!)

^Simply use the last part of the youtube url which comes after the ' = '
so that would be 'jzw6GiqZyD0'

Your code will then look like this [ youtube ] jzw6GiqZyD0 [ /youtube ]
(Remember NO SPACES in the code this is an example!)

then that becomes -
This! magic isnt it ! :)

Happy posting! & Remember no offtopic BS, Cheers!


(Updated 22-2-10)


I haven't figured out how to upload to these hosting sites you guys have been using but I'll give it a shot soon. Anyway I saw the need so I started the thread.

Punks gotta be the most political music out there and I didn't see anyone talking about it.

Gotta run ...:P

Political Punk/rock - thexhatchet - 10-28-2006

I dont think your going to find much pop music thats political... that isnt either complete bullshit or pro iraq war..

as far as rock is concerned. Project 86 is amazing. listen to "truthless heroes", its all about politics, religion, society ect ect (its a concept album/story too if you listen to it in order but the individual tracks hold up on their own)

Political Punk/rock - standvast - 10-28-2006

Quote:I dont think your going to find much pop music thats political.

not in the sense of actually groundbreakingly "truthspeaking"
if it where that it wouldn't [be allowed to] become popular in the first place.
:Dhow did the "punk&rock" title,. lead you to start about "popmusic? hehe

Quote:I haven't figured out how to upload to these hosting sites you guys have been using but I'll give it a shot soon.

that's easy as Pi ,
just go here:
browse for the album you zipped in on your harddrive and hit the upload button.
when finished with uploading , tell them you don't want a premium account, just the download link,
and copy/paste the link into your post here.:)


Political Punk/rock - grell - 10-28-2006

Nice job on the thread John Doe, we've been needing something like this around here, here's a few albums to kickstart this thing:

Deftones - Around the Fur

[Image: B000002NIW.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg]

Slowdive - Souvlaki

[Image: B00000DR7P.01._AA240_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg]

Political Punk/rock - grell - 10-28-2006

Here's Machina by the Smashing Pumpkins

[Image: smashingp_machina.jpg]

Political Punk/rock - grell - 10-29-2006

Modest Mouse - Good news for people who love bad news

[Image: B0001M6GBY.02.LZZZZZZZ.jpg]

Political Punk/rock - grell - 10-29-2006

Give this one a shot, it's real good, listen to the tracks Blue Thunder, Strange and Plastic Bird first.

Galaxie 500 - On Fire

[Image: on_fire.jpg]

Political Punk/rock - JohnDoe1984 - 10-29-2006

Quote:that's easy as Pi ,
just go here:
browse for the album you zipped in on your harddrive and hit the upload button.
when finished with uploading , tell them you don't want a premium account, just the download link,
and copy/paste the link into your post here. smile.gif


Thanks Standvast.

I broke my cherry here's my first upload. I expect a reply or two this is really good stuff.

West coast political punk rock.

*Make sure to listen to "Murder the Government", "All outta angst", "Kill all the white man", and "Bob"*

[Image: nofx1.jpg]

Political Punk/rock - al_uh_looyah - 10-29-2006

i like the Clash and Bad Brains.
Also, believe it or not, Rush had some extremely interesting lyrics. i was never a fan of the music, tho.

Political Punk/rock - FighterFromAfar - 10-29-2006

Can't forget this one, my personal favorite:

[Image: AmerIdiotCover_400.jpg]

Then there's the Dixie Chicks.

[Image: Dixie-cdreview.jpg]

Political Punk/rock - Tblacksheep - 10-29-2006

Naturally pop-punk rock is just as controlled as anything else... but if you want something with a little more edge than green-day give these a go:

Leftover Crack (fuck world trade)
Choking victim (no gods, no managers)
Citizen Fish
Dead Kennedys

Propagandi (todays empires tomorrows ashes, from early 2001)
The tangled webs they weave span from Pine to Ruby Ridge, way back from Shay's defeat on up to Gustafsen (now cue the ass parade of ditto-heads and commissars and pricks to drown out this faintest threat of commie faggot heretics). Conclusion: the nail that sticks up gets hammered down and the master's finest tools are found slack-jawed and placid amidst the cacophony of screaming billboards and Disney-fied history. Sometimes the ties that bind are strange: no justice shines upon the cemetery plots marked Hampton, Weaver or Anna-Mae where Federal Bureaus and Fraternal Orders have cast their shadows; permanent features built into these borders. But undercover of the customary gap we find between History and Truth, the Founding Fathers bask in the rocket's blinding red glare. The bombs bursting in air. One nation. Indivisible? The truth is when the back-country learned of ratification the People had a coffin painted black and solemnly borne in funeral procession, they buried it deep in the earth as an emblem of the dissolution and internment of their Publick Liberty. Someday, somewhere, today's empires are tomorrow's ashes.

and my friends band:
7 Day conspiracy (
This Is A Smoking Gun
Someone Elses War

Political Punk/rock - Echo - 10-29-2006

Thanks for the uploads guys I've never really been one to listen to hip-hop so this thread is great. Thanks.

Political Punk/rock - Danis - 10-29-2006

Another one is:

Bad Religion - The Empire Strikes First

Political Punk/rock - JohnDoe1984 - 10-29-2006

Only 1 download of "the greatest songs ever written"?

You guys should be jammin to "murder the government" and "kill all the white men"

check it out. B)

BTW the upload site standvast linked is really easy and you don't even have to give em an email address. No personal info to share up to 100megs a file. Very cool site.

Political Punk/rock - JohnDoe1984 - 10-31-2006

[Image: zappa1.jpg]

Frank Zappa might be my all time favorite artist. My parents both went to the same high school as him. He was very well liked in the area and I grew up on his music.

He personally takes credit in an interview I saw for starting political rock music in America. He's a very outspoken political critic. Many of his interviews on cnn and others have been linked on this forum. Youtube has an amazingly large collection of Zappa videos.

I went through my Zappa section, picked out some of my favorites, and zipped em up for you guys to enjoy.

****** *********

This is quite possibly some of the best shit ever recorded IMO. Not everybody has heard Zappa's music, so I thought I'd do you all a favor and introduce you to him proper. Any serious musician has to hear this stuff.

I apologize in advance for the quality of some. There's bootlegs in there that you can't get better copies of. This is all from various sources over the years.

The guitar freestyle towards the end of Zomby Woof is amazing. The drumming on most of the tracks is top notch. He's very well known for the skill of the drummers in his bands. These tracks oooz so much style alot of people just can't handle it. The electric violin on "Directly from my heart to you" gives me chills.

The wiki article on him is excellent.

Quote:During Zappa's earliest childhood, his father, a chemist and mathematician, worked at the Edgewood Arsenal chemical warfare facility at nearby Aberdeen Proving Ground. Due to the home's proximity to the Arsenal, Zappa's father kept gas masks on hand in case of an accident. Evidently, this had a profound effect on the young Zappa; references to germs, germ warfare and other aspects of the "secret" defense industry occur throughout his work. Zappa developed a sinus problem during his early teens. To his lasting horror, his doctor treated the stubborn ailment by inserting a pellet of radium on a probe into each of his nostrils.....

In 1963, he began playing professionally around Los Angeles and bought the small Pal Recording Studio in Rancho Cucamonga, California (formerly called Cucamonga), which he renamed "Studio Z". Zappa had been recording at Pal since the early 1960s and after receiving a payment for one of his film scores he was able to buy the studio, including a unique 5-track tape recorder. Soon after, he moved out of his apartment and into the studio where he began routinely working 12 hours or more per day. This set a pattern that would endure for almost all of his life. At this time, only a handful of the most expensive commercial studios had multitrack facilities, the industry standard for smaller studios was still mono or two-track. By the time he recorded his first LP with The Mothers in 1966 he was already an accomplished recording and mastering engineer and from his third LP on and for the rest of his career, he produced all his own work.