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tesla info - B4Time - 02-07-2010

Hello all I' m looking for any and all information on Tesla's experiment pertaining to resonant frequency in which he made a steel frame building tremble and shake.

Come on TeslaandLynn I know you must have a file cabinet full of things on this subject.

thanks in advance to all for your links if any.

RE: tesla info - TeslaandLyne - 12-12-2011

Even those items are top or tip top secret without question.
In fact he might have used compressed gas, like those gas
jets for making soda, to power the hammer. It was unstoppable
unless removed or Tesla hitting one with a hammer.
Thats about all we can suppose about Tesla cause all his notes
were carried off by the FBI. And don't let anti Tesla cartel agents
or any confused from the 99.99% of people saying Tesla didn't
write anything down. They are pulling your free energy chain
from years of getting their Tesla story down.

Tesla's documents ended up with Von Braun and the Germans
who developed Tesla's free energy devices by the end of WWII
in 1945. The main free energy device notably the Tesla ship we
call UFOs now but were better identified back in the day with
Rex Heflin and others.

Liquid air, compressed air were all power devices of Tesla perhaps
used for over unity generators.

RE: tesla info - B4Time - 12-17-2011

TeslaandLyne Do you know of any thing of Tesla's research on communication?Some one told me ounce that this was his first break through.

RE: tesla info - TeslaandLyne - 01-20-2012

Tesla made a long distant carrier signal from Manhattan to West Point
that held up in court and 15 patents used by Marconi even though
recorded by lawyers before Marconi sued for radio royalties as
indicated in this book:

Nikola Tesla on His Work With Alternating Currents and Their Application
to Wireless Telegraphy, Telephony, and Transmission of Power:
An Extended Interview (Tesla Presents Series, Pt. 1) [Paperback]

That book has a lot of information in Tesla's own words.
No circuits though. People add things to the base circuit and
made their own patents on circuits.

The basis of his radio invention was his testimony about making a signal
in his lab in Manhattan and receiving it as he tested reception at
West Point, New York. So we know he had a transmitter and a
radio wave receiver. That would be the first carrier signal.
I am not that up on the radio patents but channel tuning was his
doing by way of tuned circuits. Still done today and with carrier
frequency. The carrier is modulated by voice and video with higher
frequency carriers. Digital TV has digital signals carried now.

I have seen diagrams posted on the net said to be by Tesla that
were computer digital circuit gates.

Its good to ask questions since I once asked who invented the radio
and my father said Tesla. This was by court decree knocking down
a Marconi request for royalties for using the radio in WWI (and
or WWII not sure) since the decree came down in 1943 after Tesla dies.
So the US owed no one for the use of ratio circuits. The Nazis of
course didn't care a hoot who invented their world wide communications
they just used them.

Tesla did not make weak signals as he said present day radio
communications needed amplified receivers of great magnitude.
This is still true today as he said in the testimony. Tesla used
radio to move the fine matter in waves in a physical manner
he said was loss less. Thus some people wonder if Tesla
created propulsion in space from high pressure waves.

Tesla researchers such as William Lyne say Tesla would have
used coded signals, perhaps as mentioned by Tesla, for signals
from communications to power.

ED: Of course in Colorado he sent a signal or determined a
lightning strike went around the world and came back.
I do recall his signals would not go around the world
but straight through the Earth. Thus moving the fine matter
in solids as well as air and space.

RE: tesla info - B4Time - 01-21-2012

Someone told me he could talk to others planets, well at least one other race.Thats why I asked about comunication.Have you heard anything like this?

RE: tesla info - TeslaandLyne - 05-07-2012

(01-21-2012, 02:46 AM)B4Time Wrote: Someone told me he could talk to others planets, well at least one other race.Thats why I asked about comunication.Have you heard anything like this?

Here is what I think especially hearing from Tesla researchers such as
Bill Lyne not that Lyne ever outright says what you want or did Tesla for that matter. This hearing from planet Mars is very important.

Not aliens and actually makes aliens necessary in diverting science away from Tesla. That Mars and other cosmic bodied emit electrostatic waves and not EM waves was crucial to Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity and helped in making his Teslaship create a force greater than gravity and go 300 miles per second by his estimate and no one ever caught Tesla in a lie, people just lie about Tesla like the talking to Mars aliens story.