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Tunebite Platinum (Copy protection remover) - datars - 02-03-2010

Tunebite Platinum v7

I used this to convert my audiobook of "Greg Palast - The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" that I had downloaded, and convert it to MP3 from .m4b, and this works on the stuff you buy from iTunes. Even the m4v and m4a you downloaded from filesharing that is protected, you now make un-protected files.
This is a must have.

The best legal solution for removing copy protection If music, audiobooks, videos and HD films cannot be played on your device due to copy protection, then Tunebite is what you’re looking for. Problem files are played quickly and simultaneously re-recorded as a legal private copy in the highest quality.

Tunebite lets you purchase your entertainment via discount shops and subscriptions, even if your playback device cannot play the file in the current file format due to DRM copy protection. Tunebite converts everything for you in the highest quality and reliably takes care of such problems for you.

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RE: Tunebite Platinum (Copy protection remover) - icosaface - 02-04-2010

Didn't work for me.