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Tax Increase Breakdown - No One Gets Out Alive - NickHedge - 02-02-2010

I don't want to start a flame war. I'm not trying to incite violence. What I am doing (if people will just listen) is to inform those who are interested in something that will affect everyone (on this board) that works a job somewhere in the US.

I am listening right now to the Rush Limbaugh show. He has in his possession the tax code (budget) that is being instituted this year on everyone and he is reading it and breaking it down as to what it means. Even if his take on it may or may not be skewed he is reading it. That is more than we will get on our own. It's bad news folks. That's all I can say. No vaseline anywhere in site.

For those who are concerned about the taxes that Barry Sotero is taking as "tribute" you might want to try to get a copy of the first 30 minutes of his show and listen to what he reads/explains. He has just said that he will be talking about it all through the show in detail.

Personally, I don't like this guy but right now with things happening so quickly I am taking what info I can where I can.

I won't post this clip of Rush's show because if I post it on the tracker there are those who police my torrents doggedly and if anything that they don't like gets posted it gets taken down and Limbaugh is a no no.

So I thought I would give a heads up here for those who want to investigate and research it. I don't know of any other talking head that is going over this and it is something of specific interest to all of us who earn a paycheck. No one is immune now.

So if anyone is interested, his show can be had later today off Pirate Bay and his own site if you have access to it. Other than that I don't where you can get the show at other than maybe newsgroups.

Good luck all.