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Concen video site :( - SacredSleep - 01-11-2010

I'm on linux mint 8 based on ubuntu 9.10, I've got all the codecs a guy could need, but I'm still unable to view any videos on concens' video site. Using firefox 3.5.7 I click play, and it just acts like it played the video and asks if I wish to replay...logged in or out, same deal. Any ideas anyone?
Thanks in advance

RE: Concen video site :( - kevlar - 01-16-2010

concen have a video site ?

RE: Concen video site :( - TriWooOx - 01-16-2010

Will have a look when I'm back home

RE: Concen video site :( - h3rm35 - 01-16-2010

I've got the same set up and the same problem. I turned off both noscript and ABP, but to no avail...

RE: Concen video site :( - Nokturnal - 03-30-2010

Same problem with vista and firefox.

RE: Concen video site :( - yeti - 03-30-2010

I did not know there was a ConCen video site. What's the URL?

RE: Concen video site :( - TriWooOx - 03-30-2010

The link on the forum is one above the youtube section

RE: Concen video site :( - yeti - 03-30-2010

I have no access to that site. I guess Mike is the only one who would...